Fans React To Hannah Brown And Luke Parker’s Final Confrontations On ‘The Bachelorette’

Luke Parker struggles during 'The Bachelorette: Men Tell All'
John Fleenor / ABC

Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette was a wild one as Hannah Brown and Luke Parker finally put an end to their complicated back-and-forth dynamic. Viewers watched as he showed up at the rose ceremony in Greece and refused to leave, and he then faced Hannah and the rest of the cast at the Men Tell All. Fans had a lot to say across social media as this all aired.

Both during Luke’s return in Greece, as well as with his extended appearance at the Men Tell All, Parker would frequently pause and note that he was trying to figure out how to explain what was on his mind so that others would understand. Based on how The Bachelorette fans responded across Twitter, that approach didn’t sit well with many viewers.

“Luke P’s favorite word: Clarity.”

“Luke P’s favorite gaslighting technique: making someone feel crazy by telling them they’ve misunderstood you after you’ve upset them and you didn’t actually mean what you clearly said….”

“Chris, you let this man off easy.”

Luke does have his supporters, even some who are franchise veterans. For example, Nick Peterson, a former Bachelor Pad winner, tweeted that he didn’t think the criticism against Luke was fair.

“He said he didn’t want someone who slept with three guys the last three nights. And he didn’t ‘judge’ her. We’re called to righteously judge our brothers and sisters in Christ (help them). Don’t cry victim.”

Some Bachelorette fans felt that Nick shared some valuable points and suggested that much of what Luke said was blown out of proportion or edited unfairly. Even those who perhaps agreed that Luke was standing up for his own beliefs, not so much shaming Hannah, suggested that he should have handled things differently.

“It’s not even about that, when he saw they weren’t on the same page spiritually he should’ve backed out, but he was trying to use religion to manipulate her into repentance to him and choose him. He was using faith! Using God to try to change her mind. He is a narcissistic psychopath.”

Luke definitely dominated this season of The Bachelorette, and fans cannot help but wonder what kind of impact that had on Hannah’s decisions. That wonder is especially the case given the spoilers swirling about her current status. As The Inquisitr has noted, gossip king Reality Steve says that she was engaged to her final pick, but that things took a turn after filming.

While many Bachelorette viewers were able to have a bit of fun at Luke’s expense as Monday’s episode aired, the consensus seemed clear: This season focused far too much on Luke. Hannah apologized to everybody during the Men Tell All, and spoilers have noted that this should finally be the end of him popping up on the show.

Next week’s After the Final Rose special will be shown live, so it’s possible that producers could try to bring him back one more time. However, The Bachelorette spoilers for finale week have teased that there is a lot of ground to cover that isn’t related to Luke at all, so it doesn’t seem as if there would be any need to have him return. He does not appear on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, and it seems likely that he won’t be brought back for anything in the future.

Did Luke Parker go too far or have the show and the fans blown things out of proportion? The Bachelorette spoilers hint that Hannah Brown may finally be done with Luke, but she has other difficult moments still on the way. This season wraps up next week with shows airing on both Monday and Tuesday nights, and viewers will have a lot to buzz about as those episodes air.