Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott’s Loved-Up Instagram Snap Sparks Outrage Over Parking Spot Choice

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Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram account earlier this week to share a sweet snap of her and Travis Scott packing on the PDA, but The Daily Mail has noted that post didn’t go over very well with some of her fans.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the photo shared on Sunday, July 21 captured the Kylie Cosmetics CEO sporting an oversized, neon pink blazer while her rapper boyfriend wraps one arm around her neck, while the other is positioned around her waist. The pair are standing together in a parking garage, with the door of what is presumably their ride open wide behind them. In another adorable gesture of affection, Scott has his nose nuzzled up against the 21-year-old’s cheek.

Since being shared to the social media platform this weekend, the shot has earned considerable recognition from Kylie’s 141 million followers. Over 7.7 million people showed the upload some love by double-tapping it, while more than 61,000 hit the comments section to express their thoughts on the snap — and not all of them were exactly positive.

As The Daily Mail reported, Kylie and Travis’ loved-up display sparked outrage in some Instagram users after they noticed one specific detail about the photo. Through the tinted window of their vehicle, fans could see that the wall of their parking spot bore a blue and white sign indicating that space was meant for those with a handicap parking permit. Many took to the comments section to express their disapproval of the couple’s decision to park in the space.

“I guess celebrities can park wherever they want?” one person questioned.

“Parking in handicap spots. Real classy. Not surprising given who raised you,” wrote another.

“As someone who’s actually disabled, it’s hard enough to find parking without abled people using the spots illegally. If neither of you are disabled, you should be ashamed. Check your privilege and do better,” said a third.

Some, however, came to the defense of the couple, with one suggesting that they might not have actually been in the space, and it’s just the angle of the snap that makes it appear so. Another posed that it may have been a valet that parked the car rather than Kylie or Travis. It was also noted by The Daily Mail that there was no indication as to whether or not someone with a permit was riding in the car with them at the time.

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Kylie is not the only member of the famous family that has angered fans over their parking choice. Last year, Kendall Jenner found herself in a similar predicament — though a representative for the model told The Daily Mail that it was in fact a valet that parked her car in the disabled space.