Naomi Campbell’s Bizarre Germaphobe Flying Routine Goes Viral: Gushing Viewers Can’t Get Over The Life Hack

Naomi Campbell attends the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on March 4, 201
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A social media picture from supermodel Naomi Campbell has gone viral. The Daily Mail picked up on the 49-year-old’s Twitter update earlier today. Naomi’s in-flight hygiene advice has already seen her dubbed a “germaphobe” by the newspaper.

Naomi’s photo (also posted to Instagram) showed her sitting inside an aircraft. The model’s face was covered by a surgical mask while hands covered by rubber gloves held a package of anti-bacterial wipes from well-known brand Dettol. Naomi had posed rather amusingly with a statement pose, but it seemed that she was out to make an actual statement; the model’s caption pointed towards flight safety.

The response has been nothing short of explosive. The newspaper’s comments section now comes filled with outpours of thanks for Naomi’s clever life hack. Similarly, positive responses were left on the Instagram post itself.

“Brilliant! I always get sick when flying overseas. I’m going to do this next time. The weird stares from other passengers last a few minutes – vs. a week in bed. She’s crazy like a fox,” one user wrote.

“From one germaphobe to another thank you!” was the most upvoted response that mentioned a user’s “undiagnosed OCD of flying.”

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Fly safe ????✈️

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“I always seem to get colds when I fly (which ruins my holiday and mood) so I will definitely be trying this out. the blanket cover for the seat seems like a long shot but the mask and sanitary wipes are a must for me from now on,” another wrote.

While a few comments queried whether Naomi’s germ-avoidant methods might be on the excessive side, the overall consensus appeared overwhelmingly in the model’s favor. Responses came in from regular travelers alongside those outlining the various coughs and colds that they’ve picked up on aircraft. Some users even offered advice on the best practice for using anti-bacterial wipes on airplanes. From a single Instagram update and tweet, Naomi seems to have brought a lot of joy, relief, and enlightenment.

Naomi herself is a frequent flier. This jet-setter might be approaching 50, but her career as a model still sees her in demand. Given that Naomi’s iconic status as one of the biggest fashion faces of the ’90s that still impresses younger celebrities, this beauty may well find that her post influences Hollywood’s major stars. The model’s Instagram account is followed by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Dua Lipa, and Gigi Hadid among others. The update itself received over 237,000 likes.

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