‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Reportedly Attends Supervised Visit With Son James After Arrest

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Amber Portwood has finally been reunited with her son, 14-year-old James, after being dealt with a no-contact order following her domestic assault arrest earlier this month.

According to a report from Radar Online on July 22, the Teen Mom OG star’s son and his father, Andrew Glennon, were granted the order to protect them from potential violence after Portwood allegedly attacked Glennon, who had James in his arms, with a machete and hit him with a shoe.

Following Portwood’s arrest, Portwood was charged with three crimes, including domestic battery, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, and domestic battery. She was also kept away from her son, up until this past Thursday when she was allowed a supervised visit.

“She saw the baby on Thursday,” a source told Radar Online. “The visits are for James to be able to see his mom.”

As for what led up to Portwood’s dispute with Glennon, an insider told the outlet that he felt as if he “dropped the ball” when it came to their Fourth of July plans because he was unable to make it to the fireworks show because of the traffic.

Amid their alleged dispute, Portwood reportedly “threatened to kill herself” and took a handful of Klonopin before she later “regurgitated the pills.”

After their reportedly physical encounter, Glennon went to court and requested sole legal and primary physical custody of James, claiming that it is not in James’ best interest to be cared for in an unsupervised manner by his mother. In the same request, Glennon asked to be given child support from Portwood, as well as insurance.

“Father believes Mother is currently unable to provide a safe, stable and secure environment for James on an ongoing basis due to her frequent refusal and/or failure to take medicines prescribed to treat her mental-health conditions, among other concerns,” the report explained.

While Portwood’s Instagram page has remained active and continued to share reality news in the weeks since the mother of two’s arrest, she has been keeping a low profile and chose to skip out on the recent taping of the Teen Mom OG Season 10 reunion.

“It just wasn’t a consideration with everything else she has going on right now,” a source told Radar Online.

Portwood is currently living in Indiana with her mom.

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