Luke Parker Claims Key Conversations He Had With Hannah Brown About Sex Were Edited Out Of ‘The Bachelorette’

John FleenorABC

Luke Parker is speaking out about unaired conversations he had with Hannah Brown this season on The Bachelorette. The controversial contestant, who believes in chastity until marriage, posted a lengthy Instagram post just ahead of The Bachelorette: Men Tell All episode in which he explained why he signed on to the ABC reality show and why he is disappointed in ABC for how his conversations with Hannah were edited.

In his post, Luke P. admitted that he never wanted to go on The Bachelorette to begin with, but that his sister-in-law signed him up for the show. Luke also revealed that while he was in the interview process, he was struck by Southern beauty queen Hannah, who was then a contestant on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor.

The Georgia-based import-export manager added that Hannah stood out to him right away and that he admired the way that she respected Colton’s virginity and said it was appealing to her, because sex was a big deal to her as well. Luke said he was “sold” on Hannah after seeing the phrase “I love Jesus with my whole heart” on her Instagram bio.

In his post, Luke went on to note that Hannah told Colton she wanted to be a wife of “noble character,” a phrase he recognized from Scripture.

“I knew she was quoting Proverbs 31 which gave me the impression there is a way God could use this show… yes, even The Bachelorette, as a way to bring him Glory. The first night I made her a Proverbs 31 bracelet then explained to her that I noticed what she said to Colton and I knew where it came from and how important my faith was to me. Shortly after that, I get the first impression rose.”

The Bachelorette suitor went on to recount his hometown date in which he brought Hannah to a bible study with his college church group. Viewers of the rose-filled reality show saw Luke share his story of how God came into his life and gave him a desire to live his life for him in obedience, including waiting until marriage for sex. He also noted that he and Hannah connected on a spiritual level in ways that were not shown on the ABC reality show and that she openly declared that she would not use The Bachelorette’s overnight Fantasy Suites for sex.

“Hannah on the date, stands up and tells the group her story of how she was convicted to live a life in pursuit of Jesus. She also told them that she wasn’t going to use the Fantasy Suites for sex but for conversation, no matter how [ABC] made it look.”

Luke explained that after Hannah told him she had “sex in a windmill” — viewers would later find out it was with Peter Weber during a Fantasy Suite date — he felt compelled to go back and fight for her because he felt she was making the biggest mistake of her life based on their previous conversations about what they were looking for in a future spouse.

“I wanted her to know that we could get through this and I was here for her. Of course, all of these conversations were left out and I’m an ‘evil pathological liar,’ so believe what you want.”

Luke was sent home by Hannah after they argued over their beliefs on premarital sex ahead of their Fantasy Suite date on the ABC dating show. In a lengthy Instagram post, Luke explained that it hurt his heart that Hannah felt “shamed” by the conversation and that he never meant to “judge or condemn her,” and had simply been trying to talk to her about what he expected from his future wife.

Hannah, who has said all along that her Christian faith is important to her, has not held back when it comes to her sexuality. The Bachelorette star told People that her time with her suitors is on camera and she needs to “explore” the physical side of her relationships. Hannah also said she believes that Jesus still loves her even though she has had sex before marriage.

While Hannah and Luke will once again come face to face on The Bachelorette: Men Tell All, their recent communications have been via a Twitter war. Last week, Luke condemned Hannah for making light of her “sin,” per Entertainment Tonight. The Bachelorette fired back to accuse Luke of judging her and to inform him she doesn’t need to take advice from a guy who throws deli meat at people

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