Model Tess Holliday Whose Obesity Has Fans Fearing She’ll Die Dons Lingerie: ‘Taco Bell Is The Only Fast Food’

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Tess Holliday appears to have all the confidence in the world. The body-positive and plus-size model has built her career on shutting down the shamers and embracing her curves. While many of the 34-year-old’s fans back her mentalities, not everyone views this mother of two’s body displays in a positive light. As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, fans have been fearing for this Instagram star’s life.

At 5 feet, 5 inches, Tess weighs a little under 300 pounds, per The Sun.

Earlier today, Tess updated her Instagram. She sent out a beautiful photo of herself in a simple, sporty, and monochrome lingerie set. The redhead had opted for black briefs and a white sports bra. Tess’ photo showed her shot in profile as she sat in front of a blank beige wall with what appeared to be no distractions or fussy details. An air of confidence from Tess manifested via a direct gaze and a slight smile.

A lengthy caption from the Mississippi native acknowledged the start of the working week alongside listing some affirmative thoughts. The model’s self-acceptance philosophies manifested throughout her caption alongside appearing to extend the thoughts to others who might be struggling with their self-image. Fast-food was, however, mentioned. Tess named a fast-food chain and dubbed it the “only fast food.”

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Just some Monday thoughts & things I’ve been thinking about that I wanted to share: ???? Being authentic is always better than trying to be someone you’re not. ????No one loves themselves 24/7, it’s okay to have highs & lows, that’s normal. ???? The more successful you become, the more critics and that’s ok. Change will always be met with resistance. ????Nothing is ever what it seems on social media, you only see the bits that folks choose to share. ???? Don’t compare yourself, you’re on a different path that’s just yours. Embrace that. ????If you’re feeling sad, reach out to someone and see if you can be of service to them. It will help you both more than you realize. ???? It’s okay to ask for help, and it’s okay to receive help. ???? Taco Bell is the *only* fast food. Fight me. Love you all, tell me what’s some wisdom that you’ve learned lately? Any???? moments for you? Also drop your Taco Bell order if you can’t think of anything ????????????‍♀️ #effyourbeautystandards

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Fan responses appeared to be giving Tess the thumbs-up in many ways. Users appeared grateful that this model speaks out about body image. Many shared their own experiences with being overweight. Some users took to the comments section to list their favorite items from Taco Bell.

When it comes to fan comments though, it is worth bearing in mind that responses to an account generally come from dedicated followers who are already fans. While this doesn’t necessarily rule out the backlash, it does tend to minimize the presence of it. As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, comments left to photos of Tess on a Malibu, California beach sparked major concern.

“The issue isn’t anybody’s size or weight but I worry for her health, mobility and independence” was a comment racking up over 2,600 upvotes.

A comment mentioning an “early death warning” received over 2,200 upvotes.

Tess appears to have noted the haters. Her Instagram account was updated following the shorefront snaps that made headlines. Several updates (seen above) jokingly appeared to be throwing shade at both the photo-op chasers and body-shamers overall.

Tess appears to come with both balance and beauty. Her Instagram following of 1.9 million seems proof that barriers are being broken down. That said, many continue to fear for this woman and her clinically obese BMI.