Kelly Rowland Shows Off Her Fantastically Fit Physique In A Tiny Yellow Bikini

Leon BennettGetty Images for Essence

Kelly Rowland is looking splendid in yellow.

The 38-year-old singer took to Instagram to share a series of shots of herself rocking a tiny yellow bikini, showing off her amazing body in a backyard photo shoot assisted by her husband. Kelly, who is the mom to a four-year-old son, showed that she still finds plenty of time to work out, as her rock-hard abs were on full display.

The picture was a big hit with Kelly’s followers, prompting scores of compliments from among her followers, including from some famous friends like Khloe Kardashian.

“You look incredible,” Khloe commented.

The Destiny’s Child singer has gotten plenty of attention for her workout routine, which she shared with Shape magazine. Kelly works with famed trainer Jeanette Jenkins, and the two even put out a workout video together, called Sexy Abs Sculpt Cardio.

Kelly Rowland has been able to maintain her amazing physique despite suffering a major setback after the birth of her son, Titan Jewell Weatherspoon. As Health magazine noted, Kelly was diagnosed with something called diatasis recti, a condition that occurs when the abdominal muscles separate in the center during a pregnancy.

It took weeks of pain before Kelly doctors were able to formally diagnose the condition, Kelly said.

“I didn’t understand why I had so many back problems,” Kelly shared. “I looked at my stomach like, ‘That is not the same girl that was on the cover of this magazine, I look different.’ But it was fine, it was just a new body to embrace—I think that I had to check myself.”

Though Kelly Rowland may always have a bikini-ready body, she tries to encourage all women to be happy with just who they are, trying to use her voice to promote body positivity. Kelly said that she fell into the trap of comparing herself to other women who didn’t look at all like her, and learned instead to embrace herself and all her flaws.

“I stay body positive by taking care of my body and just being comfortable with the body that God gave me and that continues to evolve,” Rowland said in her interview with Health magazine. “How I became comfortable with my body is understanding that no one looks like me.”

Those who want to see more revealing snaps of Kelly Rowland — along with some glimpses of the intensive workouts that keep her in such great shape and her abs so hard — can check out her Instagram page.