Ruby Rose Stuns In Black Bikini & Daisy Dukes: ‘We All Look Normal Especially Me, I Look Very Casual’

Victor ChavezGetty Images

Ruby Rose is known for throwing a little sarcasm into her social media captions – and the Orange Is The New Black star appeared to be joking for her latest Instagram update. “Normal” or not though, the 33-year-old proved a knockout in an Instagram update made earlier today.

Ruby’s photo showed her enjoying a team outing with her Batwoman costars. The trip appeared to have taken Ruby and her pals out to a natural setting – lush waterfalls and natural rocks seemed to be the perfect environment for a little downtime. The star and her friends had posed for a snap aboard a boat during a beautiful sunset – while Ruby’s first two photos showed a daytime setting, the third showed fans a setting sun and the squad appearing to enjoy it.

Ruby herself looked absolutely stunning. The willowy brunette was wowing in a tiny black bikini paired with summery Daisy Dukes. The swimwear featured a feminine knot detail, although Ruby’s look was low-frills. The actress appeared glam-free, happy, and all set for the great outdoors. Her ensemble was sending fans a killer pair of legs, rock-hard abs, and hints of cleavage. Ruby didn’t appear in a closeup shot, but her face did look happy from behind a pair of shades.

Ruby’s update has proven popular. It had racked up over 39,000 likes in the space of two hours. This celebrity takes a cautious route when it comes to her social media, though. Comments to Ruby’s posts are disabled.

Ruby will, however, offer fans an open approach when it comes to being interviewed. Speaking to Glamour, the actress revealed some interesting details about herself. They included the story behind her real name and where it stems from.

“Ruby Rose Langenheim. My mom wanted to call me Katinka…but at the last minute called me Ruby. I don’t think Katinka would’ve been the right name for me,” Ruby said.

When Glamour asked Rose if she could be “anyone” from the fiction or real-life realm, the magazine got a pretty elaborate answer.

“A Ninja Turtle. Leonardo, for sure. Donatello was a bit boring, Michelangelo didn’t do anything except order the pizza, and Raphael was too serious. Leonardo always just saved the day. And then you have an inbuilt squad and a group of friends. You get to eat pizza, you get to wear a cool outfit, and save the world. I feel like that would be so much fun…”

Fans wishing to see more Ruby and her quirky vibe should follow the star’s Instagram, where she has 14 million followers.