Audrey Roloff Shows Off Growing Baby Bump In Bare-Belly Bikini Pic

'Bring on 28!' she wrote in a post celebrating her birthday.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff pose for a selfie.
Audrey Roloff / Instagram

'Bring on 28!' she wrote in a post celebrating her birthday.

Audrey Roloff showed off her expanding abdomen three weeks after announcing that she’s pregnant with baby number two, Us Magazine reports.

Audrey and her husband, Jeremy, are in Salt Lake City this week for the Young Living convention. Young Living, for those not familiar, is a multi-level marketing business that sells essential oils and similar products.

However, it’s not all business for the Little People, Big World star — she’s also celebrating her 28th birthday this week, so she decided to take a break from convention business to hang out in the water. In an Instagram post, she and a handful of other women could be seen on a beautiful mountain lake.

But one thing fans were quick to notice about the picture is Audrey’s abdomen. She wore a bikini, which meant that her tummy was visible, and it has obviously grown.

It’s something of a cottage industry for fans of female reality-TV stars of childbearing age to look for signs of pregnancy in social media posts. The Duggar women are particularly susceptible to this sort of armchair pregnancy diagnosing, as fans pore over every pixel of every photograph, looking for “signs” of pregnancy. Just as often, those signs turn out to be tricks of the lighting, or the way the fabric of their clothes hangs over their abdomens at the moment the shutter snaps, or similar red herrings.

But in Audrey’s case, there’s a good reason for her expanded abdomen: as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Audrey announced at the beginning of July that she’s expecting her second baby.

When Audrey announced her pregnancy earlier this month, she said that she was due in January. Doing some quick math, that means that she may be about two to three months pregnant right about now.

Fans, of course, took notice. In the comments on her Instagram post, she received lots of well-wishes about her second pregnancy.

“Audrey you look even more beautiful when you are pregnant,” said one fan, for example.

“I love your baby bump,” wrote another.

Audrey’s new baby will join her big sister, Ember, in the expanding second generation of the Roloff family.

For years, fans have watched the younger generation of the family of little people growing from children into adults, and even to the point of having kids of their own. Already, Ember has a cousin, Jackson, the daughter of Zach and Tori Roloff. Two other Roloff kids, Jacob and Molly, don’t appear on TV with the rest of their family, and as of this writing, neither of them have kids.