July 22, 2019
Ireland Baldwin Angers Mom Kim Basinger With Nude Instagram Pic Of Mysterious Blonde

Ireland Baldwin posted yet another steamy pic on her Instagram, delighting fans, reports Hollywood Life. A photo, posted on July 21, shows a stunning blonde stretched out on the bed, completely nude. Her mother, Kim Basinger, 65, was not overly delighted by the post.

"What??? What??? Where??? Where??? Who??? Who??? Your MOM," Kim wrote, completing her comment with an angry emoji.

Some fans seem to agree with the former model's anger, citing Ireland was vulgar and it was inappropriate to post so many sexy pics.

"You're giving your parents heart attacks. You're so beautiful and I'm sure talented too why seek negative attention by posting vulgar stuff," a commenter wrote.

"I can hear your dad screaming again," chimed in another.

Ireland attempted to clarify the photo wasn't of her.

"THIS ISN'T ME," she repeatedly wrote to both fans and her mother.

Fans were eventually able to identify the mysterious sleeping beauty as Romy Schneider, a German film actress. The picture is a still from the 1969 French film The Swimming Pool. As reported in a 1982 issue of The New York Times, Romy was found dead in her Paris apartment at the age of 43. She made more than 60 films during her lifetime.


Commenters surmised Ireland posted the photograph of the late actress simply because she liked it.

While fans pointed out the woman's partially concealed face does not resemble Ireland's, it's understandable for her mother to be on edge.

Just four days ago, the 23-year-old posted a scantily clad snap on her Instagram, noted People. In the photo, Ireland is seen on a balcony in just black heels and a white thong with her hair wrapped in a white towel.


Fans applauded her confidence and fit physique.

"Wish I had this much confidence to do this. You rock!" praised a fan.

"I love you so much it hurts! Get it girl!" complimented another.

Her famous family, however, was less than pleased with the risque pic.

"Tough one for Uncle Billy to 'like.' #awkward," wrote her uncle Billy Baldwin.

"I'm sorry. What?" her father Alec Baldwin commented.

The 30 Rock star has a tendency to share his disapproval for Ireland's sexy posts.

Last year, the model followed her mother's footsteps and stripped down to nearly nothing to protest fur on behalf of PETA.


"No. Just… No," Alec wrote.

Regardless of what her dad thinks, Ireland will seemingly continue to flaunt her fabulous figure.

As stated in Hollywood Life, Ireland has recently talked at length about her journey with body-positivity.

"Self-image is something I struggled with for such a huge chunk of my life... I could've been putting into doing good and loving myself..." she explained at American Eagle's Fall '19 campaign launch, held on July 15.