'Queen Of Curves' Abigail Ratchford's Minuscule Polka-Dot Bikini Is Racking Up The Likes On Instagram

They don't call Abigail Ratchford the "Queen of Curves" for nothing.

The stunning model boasts a crazy and impressive following of over 9.1 million fans on Instagram alone all thanks to the hundreds of sexy posts she has shared with fans over the years. The model is known to strut her stuff in a bikini, but she's also proven to fans that she looks amazing in just about every single outfit that she rocks. In the most recent image that was shared for her legion of fans, Abigail goes back to her roots, posing in a skimpy little bikini.

In the hot, new shot, fans are treated to a view of both Abigail's backside and her frontside while she looks in the mirror. From the back angle, Ratchford's toned and tanned derriere, as well as her fit legs, are on display for the world to see while clad in a yellow bikini with white polka dots. The NSFW swimsuit appears to have no straps in the back and her gorgeous backside takes center stage in the shot. The model wears her hair curled and in long pigtails for the hot look.

From the front, Abigail looks just as amazing while she spills out of the tiny polka-dot bikini top. The bottoms also leave very little to be desired with floss-like sides that showcase her beautiful stems. To complete the sexy look, Abigail dons a face full of beautiful makeup that comes complete with eyeliner, mascara, blush, and a subtle lipgloss. In just a day of the photo going live on her account, it's earned the model rave reviews from fans with over 170,000 likes and an impressive 1,900-plus comments.

While some followers commented on the photo to let Ratchford know that they are big fans of hers, the overwhelming majority couldn't help but gush over her flawless figure. A few other fans had no words for the post, opting to comment with emoji instead.

"I love you my babe," one follower commented with a series of red heart emoji.

"I think that is the best bikini I've seen," another Instagram user wrote.

"The hottest woman ever," one more fan raved with a series of flame emoji.

Recently, the model chatted about her career with Entrepreneur, where she talked about her career and how she kind of just stumbled into it.
"This social media model lifestyle sort of started by accident. I grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I'm a small town girl. I did a photo shoot with a local photographer and he put the pictures up on his Facebook page."
"Within a few days, the pictures got picked up by Sports Illustrated and other places. So I started to do more and I realized that I really loved doing it," she continued before dishing that she moved from Scranton to Los Angeles to pursue her career.

Now, she's one of the most well-known faces on social media, and her fans go absolutely crazy over any and every photo share.