Hilde Osland Hardly Contains Herself In Tiny Bikini

Hilde Osland taking a selfie.
Hilde Osland / Instagram

Hilde Osland has been exciting her fans all summer with dozens of sexy photos that show plenty of skin. Monday was no different when the blond bombshell uploaded a series of photos in which she rocked a minuscule bikini that showed off her assets.

The photos had the Australian beach in Scarborough as a backdrop — not that many of her fans noticed the scenery. It seemed many were captivated by Osland’s stunning figure. The snaps showed different angles of the model, who barely fit into the string bikini. One shot featured a side view of her peachy backside. In another photo, she tugged at her bikini top while giving the camera a flirty smile. In another shot, the beauty had her hands in her hair and turned to face the camera, which highlighted her trim waist. With a full face of makeup, the beauty looked stunning. Osland wore her long, wavy hair down and sported a pair of sunglasses on top of her head. She accessorized the look with dainty necklaces, small hoop earrings, and a gold bracelet.

The model asked her fans which photo they preferred out of the four she posted. Followers seemed torn on which one of the photos they liked best, but a few were able to pick a favorite.

“So beautiful in all of the pics,” one fan wrote.

“All are stunning,” said another.

“All 4! You can’t take a bad picture!” another chimed in.

“2, showcase your curves, beautiful,” one follower said.

“You look so sweet on picture 3!” wrote one fan.

“How do you pick one when they are all stunning!! But do love #3 lots,” said one follower.

“They are all stunning but I like number two because you have a cute little dimple,” another said.

Osland, who is well known for her ravishing photos, certainly knows how to keep her 1.4 million followers entertained. The blond bombshell frequently updates her Instagram account with titillating snaps that fans love. Monday’s posting had almost 9,000 likes within 45 minutes of going live.

Geotags from photos suggest that Osland has been in Australia for a few days and is having a sunny, delightful time.

But no matter where the Norwegian beauty happens to be or what she happens to be wearing, she always manages to look gorgeous. From Canada to Australia, Osland’s posts never disappoint.

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