Rooney Mara And Joaquin Phoenix Are Officially Engaged

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While actress Rooney Mara and actor Joaquin Phoenix typically keep their relationship on the down low, they recently took a huge step forward and got engaged, as Us Weekly reports. There has been speculation about the possibility of the duo taking the next step for a few months now, as Us Weekly spotted Mara rocking a large diamond ring on a very significant finger while out running errands back in May, 2019.

The outlet clarified that the duo met back in 2016, when they both starred in the film Mary Magdalene. Sparks flew, the two began a relationship and eventually began walking the red carpet together. And it seems the duo truly enjoy working together professionally, as they later both starred in a comedy flick, entitled Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot.

Their relationship has always seemed to progress fairly quickly. Just a few months in, they had already moved in together. Us Weekly reported on that particular step in their relationship journey, after Phoenix had spilled the beans in a profile on his life and career. Phoenix discussed his life in the Hollywood Hills with Mara by his side, and even revealed the hilarious fact that the couple loves to indulge in Netflix binges from time to time.

While the duo confirmed their engagement, they haven’t yet revealed any additional information about their plans. Both are fairly private individuals, so it’s hard to tell whether they’ll opt to have a large, lavish Hollywood wedding or sneak off for a secret ceremony with a small guest list.

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The news of the couple’s engagement surprised many, especially given some of the insider information that has been shared about their perspectives on marriage. Last year, a source spilled a bit of insight to Us Weekly about how Mara and Phoenix viewed marriage, and it didn’t appear to be on the cards for the two of them.

“They’re never going to get married because they think marriage is too mainstream. Joaquin transforms all his girlfriends into being holistic, vegan, spiritual and into saving the world.”

Another source confessed to the publication that Mara and Phoenix far preferred to stay home and spend time with one another rather than hitting up the Hollywood hot spots.

“They don’t really like to go out. They mainly just like to be with each other as the two of them. They’re in their own bubble.”

Mara and Phoenix haven’t shared anything beyond their reps confirming the engagement, but perhaps they’ll reveal a bit more shortly about the change in attitude, and why they decided to take the next step and walk down the aisle together.