Yanet Garcia Dons Thong Bikini For Dramatic Sunset Pic

Yanet Garcia takes a bathroom selfie.
Iamyanetgarcia / Instagram

Yanet Garcia shared a brand new bikini pic, but isn’t letting her fans know the exact location of where she’s at. Instead of geotagging the update with a place, she mysteriously noted that it’s “Somewhere on the Earth.” Perhaps eagle-eyed fans will be able to figure out where she is, based on the backdrop of the photo, but it seems unlikely.

At any rate, Yanet was photographed in a thong bikini ensemble, as she popped her right foot and placed her hands on her waist. She wore a brimmed hat, and was spotted toward the left of the frame. The photo was very zoomed out, with the sun setting dramatically behind a rock formation in the ocean. Thanks to the lighting, much of Yanet was left in shadows, but it was still possible to make out her famous figure. And while it’s hard to know exactly where she is, it’s obvious that she’s enjoying herself at the coast somewhere.

The popularity of Yanet is hard to argue, considering that the photo has garnered over 17,000 likes in the first seven minutes that it has been posted. The weather girl, who has previously been dubbed “the hottest” weather girl in Mexico and potentially the world, has amassed a fan base of over 10.7 million followers on Instagram so far.

Some of Garcia’s fans noted that they thought the photo was “beautiful” and “perfect,” while a male fan said, “Wish I was on the beach with you.”

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With that being said, Yanet is taken right now, as she’s been spotted in a multitude of photos alongside Lewis Howes. In fact, her second newest post is a selfie of the couple. She geotagged this update at “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” It looked like the pair were having a good time together, with Yanet sporting aviator sunglasses and a straw hat. Meanwhile, Lewis was shirtless, likely sporting a swimsuit.

Instagram model Laci Kay Somers stopped by with a sweet comment for the loving couple.

“So cute you two,” she said, while someone else echoed the sentiment.

“One of my fav couples :’),” they said.

Meanwhile, fans played off her geotag.

“Bluebirds fly way up high once in a lullaby,” said a follower.

“We know what you’re doing,” another joked.

The two previously shared another sweet couple photo, which showed them sitting on a rooftop while leaning on each others’ backs. This Instagram photo was geotagged in Istanbul, Turkey, and received over 53,000 likes.