Chanel West Coast’s Twerking Video Drives Instagram Crazy

Chanel West Coast wears a silver dress.
Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

Chanel West Coast posted a new video to Instagram, and it featured her going wild on a long twerking session. She joked that she got “bored” and ended up making the video in her living room. Whatever the inspiration, it seems to have driven her fans wild. Although the clip has only been posted for 20 short minutes, it’s been viewed over 125,000 times. There’s almost 1,000 comments already, with plenty of fans stopping by to let her know what they think.

The video showed Chanel getting straight to the point, as she wore a black pair of booty shorts that read, “West Coast” on the back. The lettering was done in white, all-caps. Her blond hair was somewhat visible, as well as the leopard-print top that she wore. The rapper and TV personality’s living room was visible in the backdrop.

West Coast twerked for a while with her back to the camera, as the video was cropped on her derriere. At one point, she turned to the side and continued twerking for a few seconds.

Many of her fans left complimentary messages in the comments section, with plenty of people expressing themselves with some profanity.

“D*mn I’m hypnotized,” admitted a fan.

“Holy sweet godd*mn,” another stated.

Others encouraged Chanel.

“Go crazy luv,” “GO WEST COAST lol,” and “Ooouuuuuu ok west coast,” noted three different followers.

Some of West Coast’s followers couldn’t help but comment on her looks.

“Great assets….,” they noted.

“Shake it then hit the blunt,” suggested another, who seems to be familiar with Chanel’s affinity for marijuana.

And while Chanel often shares photos of herself, she also uses her Instagram to repost others’ videos. This includes two days ago, when she shared a clip of a race. She noted in the captions that the entire video failed to load, but the gist of it was that the runner who was last, ended up winning when nobody thought he would.

Likely, West Coast feels that she could be similar to the runner, as she often speaks out on Twitter and elsewhere about how people are “sleeping” on her. Because while many people may recognize her as the girl that laughs on Ridiculousness, she has an entirely separate persona as a rapper.

Because the video failed to upload completely, her fans couldn’t help but point it out.

“He was still in last place at the end though,” said one fan.

“I’m mad this not the whole video,” another commented.