‘Shameless’ Star Noel Fisher Teases Gallavich Fans With Adorable Ian Video

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As Shameless fans who follow various members of the cast on social media know, the Gallagher family recently strapped in last month to start production on Season 10. While the newest season doesn’t have a release date as of yet, that hasn’t stopped several members of the cast from taking to social media to hype up the fan base.

While Noel Fisher (who plays Mickey Milkovich) doesn’t have as big of an Instagram following as some of his Shameless co-stars, that hasn’t stopped him from dropping Season 10 teasers. Four days ago, the actor shared a snapshot of himself rocking a pair of sunglasses and pointing at the camera while announcing he had just finished his first day back filming on the set of Shameless.

Fisher, however, caused many Shameless fans’ hearts to skip a beat on Saturday when he shared an adorable video clip featuring Cameron Monaghan. The clip – which was presumably filmed by Noel – appeared to be taken from inside of the jail cell. The scenery indicates Season 10 isn’t going to have too large of a time skip as the duo are both still behind bars.

The video clip starts by focusing on a drawing hanging on the wall of the jail cell featuring a cross with the word “faith” on the bottom of it. The video then pans over to Cameron sitting on the bed – in his prison jumper – before he starts singing about how “you’ve got to have faith.” Toward the end of the clip, Noel shakes the camera from side to side as if he’s dancing while Monaghan is singing.

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While the clip didn’t feature both Noel and Cameron, it didn’t stop Gallavich fans from swooning in the comments as it was Fisher who uploaded the clip of Monaghan to his profile.

“Holy Jesus I need to remind how to breath,” one fan exclaimed.


At a loss for words, many flooded the comments with “OMG,” and “I love you.” Some kept things simple with various heart emojis.

There were some Gallavich fans who even demanded an encore as they wanted to see Cameron film a clip featuring Noel.

Fisher isn’t the only member of the cast to drop Season 10 teasers on Instagram as both Shanola Hampton and Emma Kenney have also shared a few snapshots to build up hype for the upcoming season of the hit Showtime series.