Janice Joostema Spills Out Of Tight Bikini Top

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Janice Joostema was spotted on Instagram today wearing a tight bikini top, and her fans were all for it. The model wore a lime green bikini top that had underwire in it, leaving her chest exposed. She accessorized with multiple items in the shot, including a prominent pair of black cat-eye sunglasses and chunky pearl earrings. The earrings had a large pearl at the top, which was connected to a circular formation of pearls. She also wore a couple of bracelets on her left wrist, along with a ring.

The model wore her hair down for the shot, and she smiled slightly while wearing dark maroon lipstick that had a brown tint to it.

Fans raved about the look.

“MEGAbabe,” declared a follower.

“Where is that suit from??” asked another, while a different fan realized, “omg it’s my suit.”

Considering that the photo appeared on Revolve’s social media feed, it’s very likely that it’s their brand of bikini.

Meanwhile, Janice is keeping things rolling on her personal Instagram account. Her newest post shows her wearing a nude-toned swimsuit with black borders. From afar, it looks like she may be naked at first, thanks to the color of the swimsuit.

The model shared a selfie video of the outfit from the back and from the front. She wore her hair down and played with it throughout the clip, while it was possible to see that the swimsuit had multiple cutouts. There was a cutout in the front center below her chest, along with a larger cutout in the middle of her back.

The clip has been viewed over 102,000 times so far, and it was geo-tagged at Cuixmala. And if Revolve was hoping that the model would increase interest in the swimsuit, it looks like it’s working.

“That suit is gorgeous on you,” raved a fan, while @LivinCool stopped by to say, “This bathing suit is everything.”

Others were distracted by Janice’s looks.

“You are totally goals,” declared a fan, while another added, “You are out of this world.”

But that wasn’t all, as Joostema also posted a photo of herself in the same suit previously. The post showed her laying on her back on a wooden ledge, with a beautiful view behind her. The model arched her back slightly, and threw her left hand in the air behind her head. She had her eyes closed for the shot, and the photo has been liked over 21,000 times already.