Meet The British Katy Perry Dopplegänger Blowing Instagram’s Mind: ‘Needed To Do Something To Pay The Bills’

Francesca Brown/Jason MerrittInstagram/Getty Images

Katy Perry has a dopplegänger. British Instagram sensation Francesca Perry has been filling the “Roar” singer’s shoes for a while, now. As Elle reported back in 2015, Francesca was just starting out as the 34-year-old singer’s lookalike. Things have progressed for Francesca, though. The brunette now comes with a full-blown career dedicated to being the American Idol judge’s double. She’s even been updating her account from the same Hawaii location Perry was recently papped in.

Francesca is similar in age to Perry, but it isn’t the date on her birth certificate that’s driving Instagram nuts. From her bone structure to her facial expressions, this Brit appears to almost share DNA with the pop icon.

Comments to Brown’s social media come littered with comparisons to Perry and fans just can’t seem to get over the resemblance.

Speaking to Elle about her career as Katy’s double, Francesca admitted that she opted into the gig to keep herself afloat financially.

“I obviously needed to do something to pay the bills, [and] I was contacted by an agency in the U.K. that deals with lookalike people. I said no for ages. I had put so much into my acting career, and I didn’t want to get confused. In the end, [I thought] I could do this impersonation work [rather than get an office job], and that makes me free to be able to carry on auditioning. It was so much fun because I was on stage and I’m getting to perform incredible songs in fun costumes.”

Francesca’s interview revealed the humble beginnings to what would become a full-blown career. Brown started being mistaken for Perry back in 2008. Francesca fully admitted to having no idea who Katy Perry was. A member of Katy’s security team had mistaken Francesca for Katy while she was in Las Vegas, Nevada. Confusion over her identity only appeared to emerge as a result of Francesca speaking with a British accent.

For Francesca, the experience of looking like Katy has proven life-changing. She has found herself chased in streets alongside having crowds begging to take photographs with her. The Brit did, however, readily admit to working hard on fine-tuning her appearance to further resemble Perry once her lookalike career had taken off.

Francesca has over 18,000 Instagram followers. She is, however, not alone in the world of celebrity lookalikes. Selena Gomez has a doppelganger too. Sofia Solares is now so famous, and she earns her cash via promotional work precisely thanks to resembling the “Fetish” singer. Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid all have Instagram doppelgangers as well.

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