Padma Lakshmi Goes Braless Under A Tight Top

Padma Lakshmi wears a red dress.
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Padma Lakshmi reflected on the heat with a new Instagram picture that has fans going wild. The photo showed the model standing outdoors in a tropical destination, as she stood with her right shoulder facing the camera. She opted to go braless under a right top, which hugged her chest. The top had ruched accents below her chest, along with a wraparound feature that conformed to her midriff. It was also an off-the-shoulder piece, which she accessorized with a brown leather belt.

Lakshmi had her eyes closed for the shot, while she sported thin, hoop earrings. Her hair was pulled back in a semi-messy bun, while she also wore a striped red-and-white shirt that fell down her arms.

The Top Chef star joked in the captions that the look she had in the photo was of when the “summertime subway hot air” hits, which prompted many of her fans to respond in the comments.

“Ummmm you really must like the smell of hot urine in the subway,” joked a follower.

“I’m definitely going on the wrong subways,” another added.

On the other hand, her fans also added some compliments into the mix.

“That scar is awesome,” noted an Instagram user, who noticed the scar on her right arm.

“I cannot tell if it’s the high pressure system and/or whatever that is causing the heat wave or it’s you!!” exclaimed another.

And while Lakshmi shares photos of herself modeling various swimwear and other outfits, she often gets into politics in her social media feed. Recently, she shared a screenshot of a tweet on her Instagram, which was an opinion piece she wrote for The Washington Post. She was responding to President Trump’s comments about Ilhan Omar, and Padma was defending her position in the United States.

During the speech, which was published by Fox News on YouTube, Trump accused Omar of not loving the United States. In addition, he noted that there were people who are always complaining, and that they ought to leave.

Whether Trump realized it at the time or not, his speech would end up being widely discussed. Since then, there have been rumors circulating about Omar allegedly marrying her brother for citizenship purposes, as described by Business Insider.

Her fans seemed to fall on both sides of the argument, with some agreeing with Padma and quoting her from the op-ed. Meanwhile, others argued that some of the claims she made were erroneous.