The Husband Of Missing Connecticut Mother Jennifer Dulos Says He’s Been Framed

Jennifer Dulos, a missing Connecticut mother of five, remains missing.

Police tape stretches from one pillar to the next.
ValynPi14 / Pixabay

Jennifer Dulos, a missing Connecticut mother of five, remains missing.

Jennifer Dulos is a 50-year-old mother of five from Connecticut. She was last seen on May 24 when she was dropping her children off at school. She was reported missing later that evening. On that same night, her blood was found on the floor of her garage, suggesting that she’d been violently attacked. Also that same night, her estranged husband Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis were captured on video surveillance driving around dumping various trash bags in dumpsters. It was later determined that Jennifer’s bloodied clothing was in the bags. Now, Fotis is claiming he’s been framed for the whole thing, according to the New York Post.

Shortly after Jennifer’s disappearance, both Fotis and Michelle were arrested for tampering with evidence and interfering with the investigation. They are currently out on bail. While this remains a missing person investigation, it appears less and less likely that the mother of five will be found alive. This is particularly because of the amount of blood on the garage floor and the blood in the bags found in the dumpster. Nevertheless, Fotis continues to proclaim his innocence and even did so in a televised interview. During the interview, he stated that while he and Jennifer had their differences, he would never do anything to intentionally harm her.

Norm Pattis, Fotis’ lawyer, recently filed a three-page motion that requests the billing records for a series of tests Jennifer underwent before she disappeared. The goal is to potentially determine whether or not Jennifer had an underlying medical condition that others didn’t know about.

“The defendant seeks information about the diagnosis and treatment Ms. Dulos received in the weeks before her disappearance as such information may shed light on what may have motivated her to disappear,” the document states.

The lawyer then made a shocking allegation against the missing mother herself. He suggested that perhaps she staged her own disappearance and made it look as if Fotis was guilty so he would take the fall.

The intention of obtaining the medical records is “to evaluate whether Ms. Dulos, alarmed by her diagnosis and fearing that she might be able to raise the children on her own, took steps to cause her own disappearance in such a way as to raise suspicions about Mr. Dulos,” court documents state.

We do know that Jennifer and Fotis had a very rocky past and were wrapped up in a nasty custody battle over their kids.