‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Talks About The Walls She Put Up In Her Relationship With Tyler Cameron

'I thought he as a f**kboy,' Hannah Brown said of fan favorite Tyler Cameron.

Hannah Brown poses on the red carpet.
Frazier Harrison / Getty Images

'I thought he as a f**kboy,' Hannah Brown said of fan favorite Tyler Cameron.

With the end of The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown’s journey to find loving drawing ever nearer, social media has been buzzing with fans discussing who the southern belle should end up with. Brown currently has three men left, Tyler Cameron, Peter Weber and Jed Wyatt. She has a strong connection and the beginnings of love with each one of them and doesn’t appear close to knowing what she wants yet. While Brown can’t yet say who she chooses in the finale episode, she has been candid about some aspects of her relationships on the show. She recently revealed surprising details regarding her relationship with fan favorite Tyler Cameron, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Cameron is likely the man from this past season that has received the most praise online. He’s stayed out of the drama and fighting that consumed some of the other men’s time and has been especially respectful to Brown throughout the entire process. It doesn’t hurt that he’s handsome and has charmed fans across the nation. While America was quick to fall in love with Cameron, this wasn’t necessarily the case for Brown.

While Cameron caught her eye early on because of his physical appearance, Brown initially was pretty skeptical about his character. She doubted that he was truly there for the right reasons and even prematurely judged him as a player, something she regrets now. It wasn’t until after her overnight fantasy suite date with him that her attitude towards him began to shift drastically.

In last week’s fantasy date episode, Brown told Cameron she didn’t want to sleep with him during their overnight date. She explained that she thought their relationship was too focused on the physical aspect and that they weren’t connecting as well as they should be. He took this surprisingly well and seemed to be unfazed by the news that he wouldn’t be having the “traditional” fantasy suite experience.

In a recent interview, Brown was shockingly blunt in regards to her initial impression of Cameron.

“That’s a lot of unpack, but I think for a long time with Tyler, I had thought it was just physical. I put him in a box and was scared of him and thought it was just going to be physical with him, and then really as we started having more one-on-ones together and time, I started realizing it more scared me a lot because I thought he was a f**kboy. I did.”