Man Loses Over 600 Pounds Simply By Tracking What He Ate

Helen Storms

Weight loss isn't easy. Thousands of products on the market claim to help you lose weight but many aren't necessarily safe or effective.

Rafael Zuniga knows the struggle of weight loss well. He weighed around 831 pounds in 2011. He was so obese that his health was already failing even though he was only in his 40s. He suffered from conditions such as lymphedema, hypertension and cellulitis all because of his weight. In addition, he wasn't active and never left the house. He had trouble sleeping and was also borderline diabetic.

Zuniga knew it was time to do something drastic if he wanted to save his life, according to Today.

He started small by removing fast food and alcohol from his everyday life. He then began doing some basic exercises at the end of his bed. Within the year he had already dropped 50 pounds. It wasn't nearly enough but it was a promising start.

Zuniga was proud of the progress he'd made, but wanted to see more rapid results. That's when he started to track everything he ate. He utilized the app Lose It!, which tracks how many calories you're taking in and burning off each day. You simply enter in the foods you consumed for each meal and then you are able to see if you are taking in too many or not enough calories on a daily basis. In Zuniga's case, he was taking in far more calories than he should have been.

"I could clearly see what was preventing me from losing weight more quickly: My caloric intake was higher than what I was burning. Tracking and tweaking what I ate made a huge difference," Zuniga said.

"The first 400 pounds were a piece of cake to lose compared to the next 200 pounds. I overcame these plateaus by committing to a healthier lifestyle through cutting out foods that were not doing me any favors," he said.

It wasn't easy, but Zuniga stuck with it, and has now lost a shocking total of 616 pounds. He looks like a completely different person and is in far better health than before his efforts. He's able to experience things he always wanted to but wasn't able to do -- like traveling -- because of his weight.