Alan Dershowitz Now Says He Was Not 'Close' To Jeffrey Epstein, But His 2002 Comments Tell A Different Story

Famed defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz says in a New York Magazine profile published online Friday that he never had a "close, personal relationship" with Jeffrey Epstein, the shadowy financier who was convicted in 2008 of sexual relations with a 14-year-old girl, and who was arrested on July 6 on new sex trafficking charges. Dershowitz served as a lawyer for Epstein in the sex crimes case against the financier more than a decade ago, and helped negotiate a controversial "non-prosecution" deal for Epstein.

But investigative reporter Vicky Ward, who authored a lengthy profile of Epstein published by Vanity Fair in 2003 — but written in 2002 — on Friday publicly called out Dershowitz for contradicting statements he made to her for that report, in which he portrayed his friendship with Epstein in much warmer terms.

Dershowitz, as The Inquisitr has reported, has been accused in a civil lawsuit by Virginia Roberts Giuffre of engaging in "sexual intercourse" with her on at least six occasions, beginning when she was 16 years old and in "servitude" to Epstein and his sex trafficking operation.

In the New York Magazine profile, Dershowitz describes Epstein as "an acquaintance," and says that he now wishes he had not taken Epstein's case.

"I didn't see a problem with taking the case," Dershowitz told New York reporter Andrew Rice. "We didn't have a close, personal relationship."

Vicky Ward poses for a photo.
Getty Images | Robin Marchant
Investigative reporter Vicky Ward.

But on Friday Ward posed to her Twitter account, saying, "That's funny because Dershowitz told me a very different story in 2002."

Ward posted quotations from her 2002 profile of Epstein, in which Dershowitz, the author of numerous books, said that Epstein was the "only person outside of my immediate family" with whom he shared early drafts of his work.

In her Vanity Fair article, Ward also quoted Dershowitz as saying that even if Epstein went bankrupt, he would remain friends with him.

"Absolutely," Dershowitz said in Ward's report. "I would be as interested in him as a friend if we had hamburgers on the boardwalk in Coney Island and talked about his ideas."

Dershowitz in recent months has become one of Donald Trump's most public and outspoken defenders, though he says he does not represent Trump as a lawyer, as The New Republic has reported.

Trump was also friends with Epstein, and is now attempting to distance himself from the convicted pedophile, saying he "wasn't a fan" of Epstein when they two knew each other in Palm Beach, Florida, as The Inquisitr has documented.

But in 2002, in a New York Magazine profile of Epstein, Trump boasted of a 15-year relationship with Epstein, whom he described as "a terrific guy."

The MSNBC cable news network last week uncovered 1992 footage of Trump and Epstein attending a party with a group of NFL cheerleaders at Trump's Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago resort. The video is viewable on the MSNBC YouTube channel.