Dolly Castro Bares Chest In Major Plunge Swimsuit

Dolly Castro poses with a man.
Missdollycastro / Instagram

Dolly Castro shared a brand new swimsuit pic with her Instagram fans earlier today, and it looks like her fans are definitely feeling her vibe. The photo showed Dolly sitting on the edge of a plush white sofa while sporting a major plunge swimsuit. The one-piece featured a mustard yellow base with geometric black designs throughout. There was a belt with a round buckle that she used to cinch her waist, while the neckline left her cleavage exposed.

Castro wore her hair down in a middle part for the shot and smiled slightly with her lips parted. She also wore large, gold hoop earrings, which were visible beneath her hair. Her makeup included pink lipstick, dark eyeshadow, and prominent brow liner. The photo has been liked over 21,000 times so far. Fans also stopped by with some nice compliments for the model.

“This woman is too marvelous,” noted a fan, while another said that “You always look beautiful!!! And you inspire me to workout harder.”

Others let Dolly know how much they like her feed and the way she looks.

“@missdollycastro you are stunning. You light up my timeline,” noted a male fan, while another got straight to the point and stated, “Dollllyyyy!!!!!! Straight stunning Hot!!!!!!”

The plunge neckline seems to be one of Dolly’s favorite cuts of clothing and swimwear. After all, it was only two days ago when she shared a photo of herself in a white, lacy bodysuit with the neckline. The model was spotted leaning against a white dresser, as she placed her hands behind her and looked to her right. She smiled with her eyes slightly closed and wore a gold bracelet.

The jumpsuit itself hugged all of her curves, and she cinched her waist with a white ribbon. Behind her, you could see her reflection in a modern, gold-framed mirror along with bottles of perfume and a brown purse. This update garnered over 102,000 likes. Many of her female fans stopped by to pay their compliments on the outfit, which was certainly eye-catching.

“So lovely! I love your style and you look so beautiful in this (and everything else!),” noted a woman, while a male user added, “Wow Love this jumpsuit, Megatron babe.”

But that wasn’t all, as one follower made the following statement, which showed exactly how flattering the jumpsuit looked on Dolly.

“D*mn! I’d wear that to my wedding lol,” she said, while another noted, “I am obsessed with everything about this.”