Iggy Azalea Gets Flirty In Front-Tie Crop Top & Tiny Shorts

Iggy Azalea wears a colorful top.
JB Lacroix / Getty Images

Iggy Azalea is known for her sexy looks, but she showed off her fun and flirty side two days ago in a series of two photos. The Instagram updates showed her posing in front of a pale pink, purplish wall with white and light blue tiling at the bottom. She wore a very colorful outfit, consisting of a front-tie crop top and matching bottoms. The top had a bra-like cut in the front, along with long sleeves and giant poofs past her elbows. It was multicolored with various design elements, including psychedelic-looking spirals and curvy lines, mixed with blocks of yellow fabric.

Meanwhile, Iggy’s shorts were just as eye-catching, with a high waist and a brief-style cut. The top of the shorts had a pink band, while the rest of the shorts were comprised of purple, mustard yellow, and bright red fabrics. Plus, some of the psychedelic fabric was also seen on her left side.

Azalea’s hair and makeup matched the mood, as she wore her hair half-up, half-down in a couple of flirty side pigtails. Her eyes popped, thanks to the bright orange-and-pink eyeshadow, while she sported bright pink lipstick.

The first photo showed her posing against the wall with her left foot popped behind her, and her left hand by her hair. The second photo was more playful, as Iggy threw her hands up in the air and opened her mouth widely in a big smile.

Azalea’s many fans chimed in to let her know what they thought of the captions, which revealed a new album is coming soon. There were plenty of people who raved about her looks and music.

“QUEEN OF RAP. BREATHE IF U AGREE,” exclaimed an enthusiastic fan.

“You are too perfect for this world,” another suggested.

Meanwhile, others were busy commenting on Azalea’s look, which was certainly more innocent than what many have been used to seeing.

“What spice we thinking sis?” asked someone.

“Look[s] more like Christina Aguilera #GenieInABottle,” another commenter said.

“This outfit makes u even cuter than u actually are,” said another, which was hard to decipher as a compliment or a criticism.

In addition, for some of Azalea’s fans, the news was extraordinarily exciting.

“I woke up actually sick so I might get so excited I may actually throw up,” joked a fan.

Meanwhile, Iggy also shared a new Instagram video that gave people a sneak peek at what her shows are looking like these days. It’s been watched over 146,000 times so far.

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