Bella Thorne Flaunts Blue Bra Under Leopard-Print Tank Top

Bella Thorne shared a couple of video selfies with her fans via Instagram Stories today, and it showed her wearing a neon leopard-print tank top. But what was most prominent was her blue bra, which popped out from under her shirt. The first video selfie showed her making serious faces at the camera, as she wore her hair up in a loose, casual bun with bangs falling down the sides of her face. She wore multiple necklaces, some which appeared to be wrapped around her neck many times. Her eyeliner was also noticeable, as she sported a couple of prominent cat eyes.

Thorne followed this up with another selfie video, taken around the same time as the first. Except this time, she wore a bandana that covered her mouth. The bandana also had a skull design on it, and she matched it up with her features for a dramatic effect.

In addition, Bella shared a photo of herself in the same top while posing with Jake Manley. The photo revealed that she was wearing a white miniskirt along with the top, which she cinched at her waist with a clear belt with neon yellow trim. She also wore sneakers and flipped off the camera while Jake placed his arms around her.

And that's not to mention that earlier today, Bella shared a promo post for her book, The Life of a Wanna-Be Mogul. The photo showed her posing with the red book in her right hand, which she placed strategically in front of her. Meanwhile, it looked like she went nude under a bright red suit, which she left unbuttoned. Her right hand grabbed the book, also sporting red nail polish.

Bella's fans flocked to the comments section to let the actress know what they thought of the book.

"I love you and I cannot wait to read your book girl," said a fan, who's probably waiting to get their copy still.

"I love you much, you've inspired me in so many ways," said a reader, while another added, "Bought it. Read it. Loved it. Cried. Repeated!!"

In addition, some of Bella's followers got even more detailed in their comments.

"Being brave enough to just be unapologetic for who you are, that's a goddess," said a fan.

"So touching, so raw, so honest, you really poured ur heart out in there. your writing is so beautiful. finished reading it the day I got it & I am so sad it's over. I'm always bringing it everywhere, I keep rereading it," admitted another Instagram user.