Alexis Ren Goes Topless In A Chair & Fans Get Jealous

Alexis Ren shared a series of four new photos on her Instagram today, and it showed her going topless. The model posed in a chair that she sat in backwards, as she gave sultry looks to the camera. The first photo showed her grabbing the top of the chair with her right hand, while she played with her hair with her left. She glanced up at the camera with a slight smile on her face, wearing multiple gold hoop earrings. And while she didn't wear a top, she sported a pair of low-cut light denim jeans.

The other three photos showed Alexis acting silly, as she was caught mid-laugh, pointed at the camera and playfully biting down on her tongue. In all of the shots, Ren managed to censor herself by placing herself strategically behind the chair.

The chair was such a focal point in the photos, that it even elicited jealousy from some of her male fans.

"Never in my life would I ever have dreamed to grow up and be jealous of a chair," declared an Instagram user.

"Wish I was that chair," noted another fan.

"Adorable series of pics. Never been jealous of a chair before," someone else chimed in.

But that wasn't all, as others commented on other aspects of Alexis.

"You have the world's best smile and personality!," "Full on dope queen," and "The most beautiful soul," noted three of her fans.

Alexis' popularity was even more clear with the sheer number of likes that the photo set has received, which is over 510,000.

On the other hand, the model's previous photos showed her in a variety of outfits by a waterfall. The first photo was of Ren sitting on a stone ledge in a white bikini, as she sat with a pen and an open notebook in her lap. Her hair was done up in a casual bun, and she smiled with her lips closed.

Another photo from the set showed Alexis submerged in a pool of water at the base of the waterfall, as she appeared to be swimming with a girlfriend.

And while most of the comments were positive, some criticized her captions, which stated that she turned her phone off to adventure into nature. One fan came to her defense, however, and seemed to shut the haters down.

"Can't believe that people are still coming for you in the comments... like film cameras does exist y'all are so dumb," they exclaimed.