Danielle Knudson Sizzles In Tiny Lace-Up Crop Top At The Beach

Danielle Knudson attends the Refinery29 presentation of 29Rooms, a celebration of style and culture during NYFW 2015.
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images for Refinery29

Canadian lingerie model Danielle Knudson is once again making waves on Instagram with her scorching beach-babe look, and fans can’t seem to have enough of her sizzling posts.

On Saturday, the blond bombshell updated her profile with a sun-kissed beachside snap that sent her following into a frenzy. Snapped on a sandy beach, with the blue sea dotting the horizon in the distance, Danielle channeled her inner seductress to pose for a torrid photo that earned her a flurry of likes and comments from her adoring fans.

Entranced by her alluring pose, the model’s Instagram followers couldn’t stop gushing over her smoking-hot pic, and for good reason. While Danielle’s bikini shots typically reel in a lot of engagement on social media, the new snap sent temperatures soaring on Instagram by doubling her sexy look with a smoldering attitude.

For the head-spinning shot, Danielle slipped into a tiny white crop top – a skin-baring lace-up design by Beach Bunny Swimwear that did very little to cover up her shapely bust. Closely-cropped to her upper body, the photo didn’t show what she was wearing below the waist. However, the flattering angle was enough to keep fans glued to their screens as comments immediately started pouring in as soon as the photo went live.

“AmaZing,” read one message, trailed by a trio of heavy-heart-exclamation emoji.

“You are a game changer,” wrote another person, ending their post with a red heart emoji.

With a fiery look in her eyes and a heavy dose of sex appeal, the gorgeous Canadian model flaunted her insane beach body in the scanty attire. Boasting a daring neckline that left her generous décolletage completely exposed, the tiny crop top emphasized her busty assets, drawing all of the attention to Danielle’s perky chest.

The lace-up design showcased a great expanse of toned, tanned skin, flashing a glimpse of her subtle cleavage. Fans could even argue that her sweltering look was braless, as Danielle didn’t appear to be wearing any type of support underneath the revealing top. Her washboard abs and impossibly narrow waistline were also on display, as the itty-bitty top ended right underneath the chest line.

In classic Danielle Knudson style, the fair-haired beauty cut a provocative figure as she showcased the daring beach item. Not one to play coy in front of the camera, the Canadian bombshell sent some seriously racy vibes all over Instagram as she soaked up the sun with lips slightly parted and her arms sultrily tucked behind her head.

As if the sexy pose was not enough, Danielle took a walk on the wild side by sporting an untamed, sandy look that left many of her fans gasping in awe. The 30-year-old stunner – who celebrated her birthday on July 17, as previously reported by The Inquisitr – looked as though she had been rolling around on the beach, as glistening grains of sand were still clinging to her supple skin.

Danielle’s beachside snap stirred a lot of reaction on Instagram. Plenty of followers were left speechless by the look, opting to leave a string of emoji rather than actually verbalize their feelings about the steamy shot.

Those who managed to string a few words together took to the comments section to tell Danielle that she looked “stunning,” “so beautiful,” and “absolutely gorgeous.” One particularly ardent fan even took the time to pen a lengthy message of appreciation, capitalizing each and every adjective used to describe Danielle’s look and sprinkling their post with a colorful assortment of flattering emoji.

“Absolutely Beautiful and Sensual as always Danielle. Those eyes are so Cute and Dazzling. And your body is Amazing and Stunning.”