Elsa Hosk Dons See-Through White Bralette & Plays With Front Ties

Elsa Hosk announced her arrival in Mexico with a couple of photos of herself in a white bralette today. She shared two photos of herself rocking the ensemble, with the first photo of the set showing her facing the camera while puckering her lips. Her makeup was eye-catching, as she sported deep pink lipstick, heavy mascara and light pink eyeshadow. Meanwhile, she played with the front tie of her bralette, which had two thin straps. It was also see-through, leaving little to the imagination.

Hosk stood in front of a rock formation for both photos, and flaunted her super toned abs while wearing her hair pulled back in a side part.

The second photo of the series was taken from a lower angle, as it revealed that she wore a pair of high-waisted, white bikini bottoms. The bottoms were textured, with black rings on each side of her hips. Again, Hosk was spotted tugging at the front ties with her hands, and gave another sultry look.

Although the photo has only been posted for an hour, it's received over 59,000 likes. Fans also let her know what they thought of the update.

"The most generous and kind Mermaid I have ever seen, the body and heart of an angel," gushed a fan, while another said, "Every photo of Elsa is a shot."

Others focused on her captions.

"Omg you're in México, you have to taste the tacos [sic] is the best of the [sic] Best," advised a commenter.

Prior to this update, Hosk shared a series of photos of herself in an all-black outfit. It consisted of a large jacket, skintight pants and black heels. The model was photographed next to a windowsill overlooking a city street. The three photos showed off different aspects of the outfit, with the first one being a black-and-white snap. Elsa sat on the top of a couch by a windowsill with her feet wide apart, and placed her hands in the middle. Her hair was worn down in soft waves.

A second photo revealed that she was likely wearing just a bra underneath the black jacket. Plus, she wore very glossy lipstick, along with eyeliner and mascara. This update received over 103,000 likes.

Fans were mesmerized by the pictures.

"You know, you're a very pretty lady," said one user, while another proposed, "Imagine being this pretty."

"So beautiful and gorgeous," added another.

Plus, Hosk's international fan base spoke up.

"I'm following you from Saudi Arabia and I love you," declared a fan.