Olivia Culpo Gets Flirty In A Black Bikini & Thigh High Strappy Sandals

Olivia Culpo is busy working with Revolve right now and shared a couple of shots of herself in a bikini today. The model was spotted posing in a doorway in a black bikini and strappy, thigh-high sandals. The bikini top was a classic cut, while the bottoms were high-waisted and featured a couple of horizontal, sheer panels. She casually slung a white dress shirt on, along with the eye-catching shoes that she likely wrapped around her legs many times.

Culpo accessorized with a pair of earrings and a long-chained necklace, and sported bright red lipstick and purple eyeshadow. The first photo of the set showed her with her right arm outstretched and grabbing the door frame, while she popped her left foot and flaunted her derriere. She also threw her head back and closed her eyes, while smiling with her lips slightly parted.

The second photo of the series showed Olivia posing in the same outfit, except this time, she faced the camera directly. She had a more serious look on her face, and the dress shirt was falling down her left arm. On the other hand, the final photo seemed to be a merging of the first two images. Olivia gave a serious look to the camera while posing with her leg popped, and her hands grabbing either side of the door and door frame.

The photos prompted a flood of comments from fans.

"Looks like you got those teeth brushed!" joked a woman, while another simply stated, "A whole mood."

Others were in awe of Olivia's new photos.

"Abso-fkn-lutley ridiculous!!" exclaimed an Instagram user, while another noted, "Making me regret all of the ramen and peach o-ring gummies I just ate."

On the other hand, a fan let his wishes be known.

"Hey Olivia notice me!!! I love you!!!" he said.

Meanwhile, others wondered about her flashy sandals.

"How long does it take to put this heels on?" asked a man.

In addition to the Instagram photo, Olivia's shared a Story that showed her posing alongside fellow Sports Illustrated models. Culpo was spotted in a white minidress with a halter-style top, while Jasmine Sanders and Danielle Herrington posed alongside her for the mirror selfie. Jasmine wore a black crop top with a neon pink miniskirt, while Danielle sported a hot pink mini dress with a low neckline. Olivia captioned the shot, "Look Hot AF," which is something her fans are likely to agree with.