'General Hospital' Spoilers: Michael & Sasha Get Closer Than Ever

Michael and Sasha are just starting their new romance on General Hospital. He is actually one of the main reasons that she is making Port Charles her home now. Valentin isn't too happy about the pairing because he knows that is why she has decided to stick around. Spoilers tease that the next couple of weeks will see these two heating things up as they grow even closer.

On Thursday's General Hospital, Sasha showed up to the softball game that Michael was playing in. He asked her if this means that they were making it official and she said yes. Their relationship will continue to progress, as SheKnows Soaps details in the upcoming days ahead.

On Friday, July 26, Michael is expected to come clean with his new girl. What does that mean? It could have something to do with his crazy ex, Nelle Benson, She will be back on screen next week to cause more trouble for him.

Whatever it is, it's possible that it will be something that will bring them closer. They will be heading to an island during the week of July 29 to spend some alone time together to get to know each other better. They will be getting their romance on in paradise.

Michael and Jason will sit down to have a chat as well. Sasha will also have a run-in with Lucy Coe. Sasha did tell Valentin that she was moving out of Wyndemere, so she may be using Lucy's realtor skills to find herself some new digs.

With Nelle still trying to make trouble for her baby's father, it could mean danger for Sasha. There are rumors that she and Ryan Chamberlain will break out of Pentonville together and wreak havoc once again for the people of Port Charles that they feel has wronged them. They are both out for revenge, and that means Nelle would go after Michael's new flame.

Then there is Valentin. He wasn't too happy when Sasha announced that she was staying put. He wants her to leave town. He thinks there is more of a chance for their secret to get out if she stays. General Hospital fans are concerned that maybe Valentin will make sure that Sasha disappears permanently.

Michael hasn't had much luck when it comes to love. Two of his previous girlfriends, Abby and Sabrina, were both killed, and Nelle went a little crazy on him. Fans are worried that yet another of his girls will end up dead.

Will Michael find true love with Sasha? Or will Nelle make sure that her ex never finds happiness again? Be sure to watch General Hospital in the next few weeks to see if Michael and Sasha can keep their complicated lives from getting in the way of their relationship.