Bella Hadid Flashes Underboob In Tiny Crop Top

Bella Hadid was spotted in a new Instagram post today, and she looked casual, yet chic at the same time in a tiny crop top. The photo showed her standing by a pile of large rocks at the beach, as she leaned against one with her let hand. She was caught mid-sip as she held a bottle in her right hand, and appeared to be drinking water.

Bella still managed to purse her lips and smile for the shot, while she crossed her left leg over her right. It was hard to miss her tiny crop top, however, as it lifted slightly on her left side, revealing her chest. The top had large buttons down the front, which was left unbuttoned, save for the last button at the bottom. She accessorized with a large bracelet on her right wrist, and also wore high-waisted bikini bottoms.

The photo was in black and white, and follows an update that showed Hadid playing with raspberries on her fingers. The photo was posted three days ago, and featured Bella with three raspberries resting on her fingertips. It looked like she was about to bite into them, as she left her mouth parted while wearing pink lipstick. Bella also wore a ring on her middle finger, along with small hoop earrings.

The photos were posted to photographer Zoey Grossman's Instagram page, and elicited tons of positive feedback. One mom joked about the way the model handled the raspberries in the comments.

"Haha, what a coincidence! My lil'one is not the only one eating her raspberries like that!" she said.

Meanwhile, others congratulated the photographer.

"Best photoshoot in the world," declared an Instagram user.

Hadid has been busy doing other photo shoots since then. One notable shoot was for V Magazine, as she was featured on the cover. A sneak peek from the shoot revealed a unique set of photos, including one where she appeared with an arguably androgynous look.

The Instagram photo was posted on July 12, and showed her wearing a wig. It looked like half a mullet in the back, with short hair that was fluffed up on top. The first photo of the set showed Bella biting her left thumb slightly, as she sported dramatic eye makeup that was eye-catching.

"Beautiful young lady. Whole family is. Love you guys," raved a fan in the comments section. Meanwhile, a woman had a different perspective on the shot.

"Looking like Jennifer Lawrence," she suggested.