Emily Ratajkowski Flashes Toned Thighs As She Cuddles In Bed With Her Pooch

Emily Ratajkowski certainly knows how to keep her admirers glued to their screens. The gorgeous supermodel and swimwear icon has been teasing a new collection drop for the past few days, and fans are brimming with excitement to find out what Emily has in store for them.

Earlier this week, the brunette bombshell took to Instagram to let her massive following know that her popular beachwear and lingerie brand, Inamorata Woman, is gearing up for a major reveal sometime next week. As The Inquisitr reported at the time, Emily made the announcement by sharing a couple of sizzling photos that saw her rocking eye-catching shirt and bikini ensembles in fun, matching patterns.

However, Emily was not done posting. The savvy businesswoman and talented bikini designer continued to build up anticipation for her upcoming launch with another eye-caching snap shared on Friday. Posted late at night on the Inamorata Woman Instagram page, the new pic further increased fan interest in the hotly awaited collection and even had one Instagram user quip, "my wallet is already crying."

To better put her message across and reel in some major engagement, Emily offered fans a sight that instantly melted Instagram's heart. Unlike in the previous two photos, the stunning model didn't pose alone. Instead of making her jaw-dropping figure the focal point of the shot, the "Blurred Lines" hottie brought along fan-favorite Colombo for the ride.

Snapped in bed with the adorable German shepherd pup by her side, Emily snuggled the precious pooch in a heart-warming pose that ended up garnering more than 8,300 likes from her Instagram followers. Sprawled on the bed, with his tiny paws up in the air and his head on her lap, Colombo looked up at Emily with an adorable, curious expression. Meanwhile, she gazed down at her lovable puppy as she absent-mindedly fixed up her hair in a coquettish gesture.

The pic had a profound candid vibe to it, and even showed Emily sporting a fresh-faced, makeup-free look that added to the intimate feel of the shot. The dark-haired beauty paired the photo with a witty caption, one meant to draw in the crowd and reinstate the big plans that she has cooking up for Inamorata Woman.

For all intents and purposes, the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition model appeared to be wearing Inamorata Woman apparel. Her outfit seemed to follow the same aesthetic as the ones showcased in the previous photos and consisted of a trendy brown shirt, one adorned with countless white polka dots. As she was photographed sitting down, it was unclear whether she had paired the piece with a matching bikini bottom. However, it's safe to assume that her getup mirrored the same sexy look showcased in the preceding two posts.

Emily looked positively radiant in the makeup-free photo. The pillowy-lipped model let her natural beauty shine, and even showed a bit of glowing, tanned skin in the chic outfit. Boasting a low-cut neckline, the stylish top offered a glimpse of her internet-famous décolletage. A pendant necklace sparkling around her neck called attention to her shapely bust, more or less concealed under the loose-fitting garment. At the same time, Emily's chiseled thighs were also on display, as the Vogue model bared her legs while cradling her pup on her knees.

As expected, the new photo sparked a lot of reaction on Instagram, as fans took to the comments section to pile on the praise for Emily and the adorable Colombo.

"What a wonderful one, I'm in love!" wrote one person, adding three fire emoji for emphasis.

"Cuties," read a second message, trailed by a couple of heart-eyes emoji.

"Colombo has great taste," quipped a third fan, ending their post with a litany of heart-eyes emoji.

"Lucky Dog," penned a fourth Instagram user, pairing their message with a dog-face emoji.

Fans who want to see more of Emily and Colombo can follow the celebrated supermodel on Instagram.