WWE Rumors: Roman Reigns Reportedly Not Working Full-Time, WWE Holding Him Back

In October of last year, Roman Reigns revealed that he was battling leukemia and that he'd need to step away from the ring for a while. Fans wondered if he would ever be back in WWE and he returned before too long, but how is he really doing? While he's been a part of some major storylines over the last few months, it appears as if he is not exactly working a full schedule as he wishes he was.

Roman Reigns is one of the biggest names in all of professional wrestling and he's been on top of WWE's ladder for many years. Many may not like him, but no one can deny that he's a huge star who will be around for years to come.

Since his return to the ring, he worked a bit with his brothers in The Shield before moving back out on his own. Reigns has been feuding with Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre, and that entire gang for a while now, but he's not been the complete focus of WWE television as he used to be.

There's actually a reason for that.

According to Tom Colohue of the PW Torch, Reigns is not actually working a full-time schedule right now even though he wants to do more. WWE is actually stepping in to hold him back some and protect him as much as possible.

Once Reigns returned to the ring, there was very little doubt that he would go at things with full force and intensity. That's just the way he operates and that is known by anyone who has ever watched him wrestle a single match.

Still, he is still recovering from his latest battle with leukemia and WWE knows that some things needed to be handled a bit differently. They're not going to take chances with anyone's health, and that is especially true for one of the biggest stars in the history of their promotion.

While he's been a prominent figure on television in the last few months, fans may realize that he's been used a bit differently. He hasn't been getting as active on episodes of Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live nearly as often as he used to.

Roman Reigns leaps through the air at a crowd of other superstars.

As of this writing, Roman Reigns does not even have a match scheduled for SummerSlam which is one of WWE's biggest events each year. With a few weeks to go, that could end up changing, but it wouldn't be surprising if it didn't. The health of the former World Champion is on the up-and-up, but the company is going to make sure that they protect him as much as possible.