Sara Sampaio Displays Toned Bod In Strappy Lingerie

Sara Sampaio was spotted in the Victoria's Secret social media feed today, and she was rocking a black lingerie set. There were two photos of Sara, one which showed her sitting on a stool, while another was a close up of her from the back.

The photo of the model on the stool has garnered over 55,000 likes in the first hour since it was published, and it showed Sampaio hugging her knees. She placed her feet on the edge of the circular stool and looked over her right shoulder at the camera. Her hair was worn down in a middle part, and she gave a sultry look while pursing her lips slightly. The lingerie set that she wore featured multiple thick straps, both on the side of the bra and on the bottoms.

Thanks to Sara's pose, it was hard to make out all of the details of her lingerie set. Luckily, however, there was a second photo that was posted, which showed her posing from the back. The image was cropped, only revealing the model's look from her shoulders down to her derriere. The bottoms had three large straps on the side, while the bra featured regular straps as well as a crisscrossed strap on the back. She placed her hands by her sides and appeared to be tugging on the bottoms.

The cropped photo was posted a couple of hours before the image of Sara sitting on the stool was released. And in the first three hours, over 284,000 fans have liked the image.

Both of the black-and-white photos have received tons of adoring comments from fans.

"Stunning sara and looks so natural," said an Instagram user, while another observed that "She's like a mermaid here."

"This look like a puzzle to put on," joked a Victoria's Secret fan, who seemed to think that the strappy lingerie had some drawbacks in real life.

"Fantasy Bra Sara Sampaio, new Adriana Lima," suggested another. The VS annual show is in question this year, however, as rumors have suggested that it may not be happening this year.

On the other hand, a fan joked about the mood of Sara's pose on the stool.

"When he's supportive and makes you feel like you're on top of the world," they said.

Another fan complained about her lack of a love life.

"The only reason why it sucks to be single. Doesn't look that comfortable and probably not worth to wear it if nobody even sees it," they noted.