Viki Odintcova Exposes Chest In Rose Petal-Filled Bathtub

Viki Odintcova was spotted in a sultry new bathtub pic, and already over 37,000 fans have liked it. The photo showed her laying in a tub that was filled to the brim with red rose petals, as she leaned on her back against the edge. She closed her eyes and placed her arms above her head. Her chest was left exposed, save for a multitude of petals that censored the photo. She was submerged in the tub from her midriff down.

The model didn't appear to be wearing any accessories, although she sported metallic eyeshadow and pink lipstick. The image was geo-tagged in Bali, and her followers had plenty to say about it.

"That pic is amazing," noted a fan simply.

"I needs to get my a$$ here," complained another.

Others focused on wishing they could see more.

" instagram rules," said one Instagram user, while another said, "you are too lucky, it's unfair. This kind of pics hurts us no way to see more?"

"Y[O]U are the most wonderful flower in the Garden of Beauty," complimented another.

This isn't to mention that earlier today, Viki was spotted in a sheer, pink lingerie set. It included a pair of brief-style bottoms and a bra. She stood by a sliding glass door on a wooden porch, as she raised her right hand by her face. She wore her hair down in a heavy right part and gave a coy look. Behind her, you could see a patio chair and a tree stump that was a coffee table. The photo was zoomed out enough so that fans could see Viki from head to toe, including her toned midriff. The update from the Maldives has garnered over 101,000 likes so far.

"Sweet summer Weekend to you miss odintcova," said a fan in the comments section.

It's easy to see that the model has an international fan base, with many of her comments coming from her Russian followers.

And while Viki has been busy sharing photos from the Maldives, she threw in a photo that was taken in Moscow into the mix. Her update from three days ago showed her going braless under a front-tie white crop top. In the photo, Odintcova grabbed the side of her shirt and looked down. She also sported high-waisted, light denim jeans. This Instagram photo has been the most popular out of all three up until this point, with over 141,000 likes.

"Always so beautiful...glad your career is going well," said one fan in the comments.