Lena Dunham Goes Topless On Instagram In Barely Censored Photo

Lena Dunham let it all show in her newest Instagram update, and her fans have been leaving tons of comments complimenting her. The topless photo was the first in a series of four photos, as she chronicled a day out with a friend.

Not only was Dunham topless in the photo, it was also her chance to debut her brand new haircut. While she previously had longer hair, it looks like she chopped it all off. She sat facing the camera wearing only shorts and a pair of reflective aviator sunglasses, and smiled with her lips closed. Lena accessorized with a necklace, while she censored the image with two stars. Her tattoos were clearly visible on her right arm and midriff, and she appeared to be enjoying some sun at the beach.

A second photo explained her topless look, as it showed her wearing a white T-shirt, denim shorts, and a brimmed hat. She pointed her fingers to a sign that read, "WARNING Nude Bathers May Be Present On Beach."

Meanwhile, the third and fourth photos showed her in a different backdrop. She pursed her lips for a photo from the car, along with posing next to a sign that read, "Vera & Cathy's Girl's Cafe." The last photo was the first time that Lena went without her hat, and fans could get a glimpse at her new haircut.

Her fans poured in with a variety of comments.

"I feel like you nailed it," and "I love your crazy self," noted a couple of her followers.

"Am here for this haircut," said a fan, who noticed her new hairstyle.

"You're such a babe And what a talent," complimented another.

Others were distracted by the location and backdrop of the photos.

"Wow down the street from my house," claimed a fan.

"Looks like you have some kind of Vegas swag draped behind you!" another said.

The haircut must have taken place very recently, as she was photographed just six days ago with her long hair. The update, which was geotagged in Wimbledon, showed her pulling her sunglasses down her nose with a velvet blue ribbon in her hair. Additional photos revealed that she wore a light blue dress with long sleeves and a long hem. Lena was photographed alongside her dad, as she joked about his chance to see the tennis match in the captions. In addition, her fans left her tons of comments.

"Love your look so much. That velvet bow is making me crazy," said an Instagram user.

"And what a match to witness!!! Incredible," commented a tennis fan.

"That gal behind you is texting saying she is behind Lena!" joked a commenter.

"You and your family are absolute legends," another added.