'Big Brother 21' Evictee David Alexander Discusses Racism In The House

David Alexander has officially left the Big Brother house after a tumultuous couple of weeks. David was the first houseguest eliminated from the game but was sent into sequester before the Camp Comeback twist was announced. He was able to reenter the game as an eliminated player to continue playing Big Brother socially. Along with Ovi Kabir and Kemi Fakunle, the three had to live in Camp Comeback before trying to battle their way back into the game.

Within days of the show airing, several houseguests had been accused of racism by many live feeds viewers. David, Kemi, and Ovi all happened to be people of color sitting in Camp Comeback, and while it may have seemed like a coincidence to some, it seemed strategic by others. Now that he's out of the game, David caught up with Entertainment Weekly to discuss his fellow houseguests and if he thought racism played a hand in their decisions.

"Based on my awareness and reading people and seeing how Kemi and Ovi worked the social game, and based on me being banished and just losing the first comp, which felt like the lucky comp, I don't think it was racial. I think the cards fell the way that they fell. Like, what if Sam didn't win that veto and save Cliff? What if I didn't get banished? I wouldn't have been there. And if Kemi didn't whisper every time she talked in a house, she probably wouldn't have been evicted. So it didn't feel racial to me based on my read on the game."
Ovi, Kemi, and David after being evicted from Big Brother
CBS | Monty Brinton

While also speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Ovi expressed he didn't feel racism played a factor in the game as well. Kemi, on the other hand, chose her words very carefully when speaking with the publication when asked the same question. She said having three minorities in Camp Comeback "didn't go unnoticed" to her, but she didn't want to make any judgments until she had all the facts and saw more clips about what went on behind their backs.

Kemi said that there was a "presence" in the house that she, David and Ovi weren't a part of. Gr8ful had been running the game for weeks and was predominantly made up of white houseguests, which kept the three Camp Comeback members at arm's length. The alliance members said it was for gameplay, but many viewers felt that wasn't the real reason.

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