Kylie Jenner & Stassie Karanikolaou's Tight Pink Tennis Dresses Launch Brutal Comments

When it comes to social media displays of her apparent new BFF, Anastasia "Stassie" Karanikolaou, Kylie Jenner seems far from done. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been featuring her 22-year-old model and influencer friend on Instagram since June.

Earlier today, the makeup mogul updated her Instagram with an eye-catching and sporty picture. The snap showed the 21-year-old and her blond friend twinning in tight Chanel mini dresses. The velour fabrics may have appeared more-geared toward eveningwear, but this pair seemed to have turned their designer minis into tennis dresses. Kylie and Stassie rocked their sexy pink looks with rackets in their hands and a tennis court as a backdrop.

The post was less than 30 minutes old before some rather brutal comments started pouring in. While an update from Kylie generally churns out exponential outpourings of love – particularly in the early stages of a post– this one bucked the trend. It looked like fans were proving tired of the luxurious displays from this billionaire and her new bestie.

"Kylie uploading a bunch of photos very often, we get it, you're rich, and enough to buy the world," one user wrote.

"How many times you gon post this damn girl," another said, as their comment racked up over 200 likes in 25 minutes.

"I don't know if I'm the only one, I just feel like Kylie do the most posting pics of her and stassie like 1 million times...It's getting boring tbh," another commented said, that seemed to echo the sentiment.

While many comments praised the Kylie Skin founder for her chic style and overall success, it did seem that a significant chunk of the star's fans was growing somewhat tired of seeing Stassie and Kylie in their various high-end looks.

"We get it kylie, you're literally dragging it now," one user wrote.

Stassie has, indeed, been a prominent feature in Kylie's recent Instagram updates. The luxury Turks and Caicos vacation celebrating a new drop from beauty brand Kylie Skin kicked off last weekend and appeared to continue throughout this past week. Stassie was seen on the private jet before being featured throughout Kylie's ritzy vacation updates.

This wouldn't be the first time that the girls have sent out a twinning vibe; if anything, matching looks from Kylie and Stassie seem to be forming a pattern.

Despite what appeared to be some rather brutal backlash – after all, a friendship is something to celebrate – Kylie's post proved popular. It has racked up over 1 million likes in under 45 minutes.

Kylie has 141 million Instagram followers.