'Big Brother 21' Player Ovi Kabir Discusses Racism And Bullying In The House

Ovi Kabir, Kemi Fakunle and David Alexander have all officially exited the game of Big Brother after losing the Camp Comeback battle on Thursday night's live episode. The three evicted houseguests joined host Julie Chen on stage to discuss the season's events and each player seemed extremely emotional about their time in the house. David was even moved to tears after noting he wanted this season to be different, hinting at wanting to be the first African American player to win the game.

Now that they're out of the house, all three players have been speaking with different media outlets regarding the game, and the racial undertones which have been prevalent all season long. Racism has been a major topic of discussion this season among viewers who have been extremely disappointed in many of the comments that have been made regarding Obi, Kemi, and David. Entertainment Weekly caught up with Ovi to see how he felt about racism in the house.

"I don't want to speak for Kemi's and David's experience in there. And I don't know what was said behind closed doors. However, I don't think there was blatant racism or anything like that going on as the reason we were targeted. But subconsciously, yeah, I think some things came into play. Kemi, David, and I are three people from different backgrounds that don't share the same commonalities as some of these other houseguests in there."
The first three houseguests eliminated from the game were all people of color, only leaving one other player in the game who was a minority: Jessica Milagros. Jessica had already been on the block twice in two weeks, with a majority of the game's white players in power, who never had to sit on the block at this point.

Ovi, Kemi, and David after being evicted from Big Brother
CBS | Monty Brinton

"I do think a lot of it was more so game than that, but it's hard to say. You know, I'd have to watch everything back again and get the perspective of other people. But there were times where it definitely didn't feel like that," Ovi continued.

Ovi, Nicole, and David are just now finding out about things that were said about them in the house behind their backs. Plenty of live feeds clips have been sent to the former houseguests who are now seeing how truly bad things were when the main alliance, Gr8ful, was having any sort of conversation in the house.

Jack Matthews was even accused of using the n-word at one point, but the audio from the live feeds on Twitter is slightly muffled, making it hard to determine if he did or did not say it. That wouldn't be the first time Jack was accused of racism in the house, after attacking Kemi all season long, for silly reasons like leaving her personal cup in the refrigerator.

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