Sara Underwood Sizzles In White Miniskirt And Crop Top Combo

Playboy model and former Playmate Sara Underwood sizzled in yet another sexy Fashion Nova outfit shared on her Instagram page. Underwood has been almost exclusively rocking Fashion Nova pieces on her feed lately, taking her role as a #NovaBabe seriously. Lately, Underwood has made sure to always include the specific names of the pieces she's wearing in each photo to ensure her followers can find the look on the online retailer's website.

In the latest snap she shared, Underwood rocked a stunning all-white combination that showcased her enviable physique. The top was a simple white spaghetti strap crop top with some seaming that accentuated her curves and a low cut neckline to allow a hint of cleavage to show. Her toned abs were on full display.

She paired the crop top with an almost impossibly tight miniskirt that hugged every inch of her curvy physique. The skirt was high-waisted, so only a tiny portion of her stomach was exposed between the two, but her curvy legs were on display. The skirt strained to contain her curvy hips.

She paired the look, which she clarified in the caption was Fashion Nova's "True Icon Skirt Set," with a simple straw hat. She shared two angles in her update — one snap taken from further away, so her whole physique was visible for her drooling fans, and one taken a bit closer that showed her leaning against a tree log.

As has become the norm for her, Underwood posed in an absolutely breathtaking natural backdrop that almost didn't seem real. She didn't include a specific geotag on her post, but given the hashtags used in the caption, it's safe to say the blonde bombshell was in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, where she's building her cabin wonderland with partner Jacob Witzling. She also referred to herself as a treehugger in the caption, further showing off her love of nature and the outdoors.

Underwood's followers seemed to love her exploration of the ancient forest, and the snap received over 30,500 likes in just one hour.

Fans showered her with compliments, and one said Underwood was the "prettiest woman on earth." Another fan admired the outfit and general vibe of the shot, and wrote that "the forest is so cool, love the outfit with the hat."

Underwood doesn't gush endlessly about the online retailer Fashion Nova in her posts. She simply rocks their pieces, makes sure to tag the brand in the caption, and ensures everyone else can buy the pieces so that they too can be #NovaBabes.