'Big Brother's' Kemi Fakunle Blasts 'Faux Jason Momoa' Jack Matthews, Reveals Why He Hated Her So Much

Big Brother evictee Kemi Fakunle says her issues with Jack Matthews in the CBS summertime house stemmed from his attention-seeking personality, something she wasn't willing to cater to. The Big Brother 21 player, who was sent packing alongside Ovi Kabir and David Alexander after losing the Camp Comeback "Path to Redemption" competition earlier this week, told Gold Derby that while she had issues with both Jack Matthews and Isabella Wang, Jack was harder to deal with because he "tried to be fake" with her.

Kemi went on to explain that her biggest Big Brother nemesis wears his emotions on his sleeve and couldn't help himself from becoming enraged while she stayed calm. Kemi added that Jack became obsessed with the fact that she wasn't upset about being evicted and sent to Camp Comeback during his head of household reign, and she described his obsession as "pathetic."

While Kemi admits that Jack's animosity towards her came after she made a comment about his cooking early in the game, she says she also heard he said things about her early on. Kemi instead points to her lack of fawning over Jack as to why he had beef with her.

"Jack is just a difficult person to be around because he required attention.I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I'm not one of the women in the house gushing over his highlights and his faux Jason Momoa dreams. I couldn't care less about that. And I think the fact that I [didn't care] about anything that he did kind of pissed him off a little bit."
Big Brother 21 houseguest Jack Matthews
CBS | Monty Brinton

As for that awkward lecture Jack gave her about putting her water bottle in the refrigerator, Kemi said the conversation was "uncomfortable and unnecessary."

"He retold it to about half the house, so it just [emphasized] him being the raging douche lord that he is."
It's not surprising that Kemi hopes Jack gets evicted soon and doesn't make it to the Big Brother jury. While she had hoped to be the one to take him out, the Brooklyn-based marketing strategist added that there is "no way" Jack can win the Big Brother game.

Big Brother fans have been outraged over the "edit" Jack Matthews had been given all season, in stark contrast to reports from live feed viewers, but that all changed when his bizarre berating of Kemi over her water bottle storage aired on CBS' live show last week.

Even Big Brother host Julie Chen weighed in on Jack's passive-aggressive behavior, as previously shared by The Inquisitr. After Kemi said in a diary room confessional that Jack's obsession with hating her was "confusing," Chen took to Twitter to assure her that may people agree with her.

Big Brother Season 21 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.