Keanu Reeves Pens Sweet Message On Fan's Yard Sign

Keanu Reeves has accumulated a cult-like following and is coined as the internet's boyfriend. The John Wick actor continued to maintain his status as the world's number one heartthrob while driving to a set in Louisiana with Bill and Ted Face the Music writer Ed Solomon.

According to Solomon's Twitter post from two days ago, he was driving to the set with the 54-year-old action thriller superstar when they passed a yard with a sign in it that read "You're breathtaking."

For those unfamiliar with the reference, the sign was quoting a viral moment of Keanu's from a month ago when he said "you're breathtaking" to the crowd of an E3 video game conference after someone from the crowd shouted the same phrase at him.

Solomon's Twitter post explained that Reeves was so compelled by it that he stopped the vehicle and pulled the sign out of the ground so he could leave his adoring fan a message. Kneeling in the lawn of the fan's yard, he penned "Stacey, You're Breathtaking" at the bottom with his signature as well.

Solomon's Twitter post included a picture of Keanu kneeling down in the yard to leave the message as well as a snap of the yard sign after the actor finished with his handiwork. In just 48 hours, Ed's post had accumulated over 40,000 likes as just shy of 9,000 people were discussing Reeves' latest sweet gesture toward his fans.

In less than 12 hours, a woman took to Twitter to reveal that it was her yard and her sign that Reeves had left the sweet message on.

In her own tweet, the woman gushed that "dreams do come true" before explaining why she and her son decided to make the sign. "Oh my heavens!" She swooned at the end of her tweet which included a picture of the sign, a picture of Keanu writing on it, and a picture of the actor standing with his fan and her family.

In just 48 hours, the woman's tweet was liked over 6,000 times with over 1,200 people discussing it. Those who took to the comments echoed the agreement that Reeves was the "internet's boyfriend" because they were gushing over him being a "nice," "cool," and "great guy."

"He never stops being the greatest guy. Wish we had more like him," one Twitter user penned.

A second added: "What a beautiful human being he is. And handsome too!"

According to photos shared by People Magazine, the actor was spotted wearing the same red button up shirt on the set with his co-star, Alex Winter.