Jordyn Woods' Bikini Pic Launches Bizarre Stomach-Sucking Comments: Fans Wonder If She's Breathing

Jordyn Woods is receiving some interesting feedback – the model and former best friend to Kylie Jenner has been blossoming since her February cheating scandal with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson. Proof of this was posted to the 21-year-old's Instagram account two days ago.

Jordyn's photo of herself kneeling amid cushions in a cute pink bikini might have racked up over 590,000 likes, but it's been launching some bizarre comments. The fit and slim body on show appears to have fans wondering if Jordyn was sucking her stomach in to further flatter her frame. Remarks pointing this out appeared on Woods' Instagram as well as in The Daily Mail's comments section – the newspaper ran an article on Jordyn's sizzling photo.

"She looks like she's been working out but still sucking in that stomach. I'm not mad at her, though," one user wrote.

"Sucking in her stomach for dear life while they take the photo," another remarked.

"She is soooo sucking her gut in" was a comment appearing to echo the sentiment.

While some users queried whether the model was holding in her stomach to appear slimmer, others seemed to be questioning whether Jordyn had been breathing much during her photoshoot.

"BREATHE!!! Stop sucking in," one user wrote.

There's no denying that Jordyn is looking both fitter and smaller than her old self. This fitness fiend is reported to have lost 50 pounds by The Daily Mail; hardcore workouts and a dedicated attitude to keeping herself in tip-top shape are now a part of this entrepreneur's identity. They've even formed the basis for her popular SECNDNTURE athleisurewear line. Most fans would agree that Jordyn's muscular frame and perfectly-proportioned curves are enviable.That said, it looks like this particular set of photos was getting probed in a major way. Jordyn's 10.2 million Instagram followers might come dedicated, but remarks from some of them appeared to be echoing thoughts seen by The Daily Mail's viewers.

"Breathe sis," one fan wrote on Jordyn's Instagram.

"Breeeaaathe ya *ss gone pass out all for a pic" was another remark.

Comments were not, however, exclusive to Jordyn's abdominals. The star's snaps managed to unleash a wave of love – fans of this beauty mostly come with an overwhelming opinion that Jordyn is doing better since cutting ties with the Kardashian-Jenners back in February. As fans will know, Jordyn and Kylie have not hung out together since the model's cheating scandal, though they did have a cordial interaction at a mutual friend's birthday party in June.

Jordyn's career very much appears to have sky-rocketed since her identity progressed from being little more than Kylie Jenner's best friend.