WWE News: Chris Jericho Shares Funny Story About Being Upstaged By A Plant

During their respective tenures in WWE, Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose were two of the most popular superstars on the roster. Therefore, it's quite surprising that their rivalry against each other is more remembered for an inanimate object as opposed to anything that happened during the in-ring action.

As noted by 411Mania, Jericho recently sat down with Inside the Ropes and recalled the feud, revealing that a potted plant named Mitch stole their spotlight.

"It's a potted plant. Like, you hit someone in the head with a potted plant, it's going to f*** you up!' But all they cared about was, 'Mitch the Potted Plant, R.I.P.' And I was like, 'You f**king a**holes!' Because that's all anybody cared about."
The feud started after Shane McMahon canceled Jericho's "The Highlight Reel" and replaced it with "The Ambrose Asylum" -- another talk show-style segment which featured interviews with WWE superstars that ultimately descended into chaos for the most part.

In a bid to injure his rival, Jericho attacked Ambrose with the potted plant, which subsequently led to the earthly object gaining traction online and being given a name by someone behind the scenes -- much to Jericho's displeasure.

"[H]e proceeds to destroy my jacket. Now this f***ing jacket, just when Brodus Clay put it on, killed the whole side. Now, Ambrose is hitting it with a hammer, tearing it apart piece by piece, he's ripping it to shreds and the f***ing thing is still blinking."
Jericho also said that Vince McMahon wanted Ambrose to do some cartwheels after he stole the jacket. However, the Lunatic Fringe had no idea how to go about it, so Jericho encouraged him to wave his arms around instead.

Chris Jericho holds his jacket.

The pair's big blow-off match came at the Extreme Rules pay-view-view, which saw them perform a spot involving thumb tacks. According to Jericho, Ambrose convinced Vince to let them use the tacks. However, with Jericho being scheduled to lose the match, he was the one who had to feel the brunt of the sharp objects -- with 69 being pulled out of his back at the end of the night.

These days, both wrestlers are plying their trade with All Elite Wrestling. While it's inevitable that their paths will cross at some point, we can safely assume that their next feud won't see plants and jackets take center stage.

That said, Jericho appears to have fun memories of their old WWE feud, even though he clearly wasn't a fan of the plant being given a name.