Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Reportedly Dealing With 'Grumpy' Royal Staff That Are 'Trying To Cause Trouble'

As if it weren't enough for Meghan Markle to be dealing with what seems like an endless barrage of negative media from the British press, it sounds like there's something more to keep people annoyed. According to The Sun, the royal couple will be getting a "suite" of up to six offices inside Buckingham Palace. And while the insider noted that the rooms were offered to the couple by the "master of the household," it sounds like the staff aren't so pleased.

"The Palace traditionalists are grumpy that such a prime space is being given over to Harry and Meghan, who have perfectly adequate offices already at Kensington Palace," The Sun reported.

"There are a lot of people trying to cause trouble for the Duke and Duchess as a result of this move," they added.

Whatever the cause for grumpiness doesn't seem to make too much sense, however, when considering that the rooms are apparently unoccupied right now. They're being used for meetings, rather than for offices.

Plus, the insider said that the offices will be "reserved" for the royal couple when they're at Buckingham. At the same time, the "permanent space is shared for the staff."

The changes that will be needed to accommodate Meghan and Harry sound fairly basic: installing new desks, but not buying new furniture.

The reported move is expected to happen by the end of 2019.

In comparison, the couple's move to Frogmore Cottage was much more time consuming and of course, costly. The Daily Beast reported that the renovations racked up a hefty bill over $3 million.

The revelation was apparently not well received by the British public, who helped shoulder the bill. One critic, Graham Smith, blasted the decision to allow this renovation, saying that the funds could have gone to open up a center for military veterans.

Plus, it doesn't help that Meghan and Harry were also criticized heavily for their decision to hold a private christening for their son, Archie. Their decision to do so caused many critics to note that the royal couple aren't allowed such privacy, since they are obligated to share their lives with taxpayers.

And that was hardly the first time that Archie has caused controversy, as Meghan opted to hold off on debuting her son. While Kate Middleton prepared for a photo op with Prince Louis, hours after giving birth, Markle did not. The duchess decided to share the first photos of Archie on Instagram instead.