Jojo Babie Leaves Chest Exposed In Swimsuit That Hardly Contains Her Assets

Jojo Babie's newest Instagram post showed her rocking a swimsuit with many cutouts, which meant that her curvy body was barely contained. The swimsuit was white with an off-the-shoulder design. And while it was a one-piece, the many cutouts left much of her body exposed, including her chest and midriff.

Babie posed outdoors in front of a concrete and brick wall, as she was spotted wearing her hair down in a middle part. She placed her left hand on the concrete wall, while she played with her hair with her right. Jojo added a pop of color in the shot with her bright red heels. The photo was a hit with her fans, garnering over 88,000 likes.

"Absolutely gorgeous! You're a dream come true," raved one fan about the photo.

"I drown in your love every even though I know how to swim lots of love from india," noted an international fan.

"You are a perfect example of thickness. My God," said another.

And yesterday, the model gave fans something that caught their eye, as she posed in a bedroom in teal lingerie. The photo showed Jojo with her back facing the camera, as she wore a lacy, teal bodysuit with a thong cut. This left her derriere exposed, as she placed her left knee on the bed. She looked over her left shoulder, as she wore her hair down in loose waves. This photo received more likes than her current photo, so far, with over 129,000 fans stopping by to hit the like button.

"Great pic as always Ms Jojo!! My favorite Asian girl," said an Instagram user. Others couldn't help but use a ton of exclamation points to get their point across.

"Thats that look Jo!!! & those eyes!! They never lie!!," said a fan.

"GawdDamn!! I love EveryThing about you, and yes, i am up for Anything, you want to do," another added.

"A slice of GOOD GOD topped with some HAVE MERCY," exclaimed yet another.

While Jojo's bikini and lingerie pics are numerous, she also shared an Instagram photo of herself in a bodysuit. And although she was covered completely in the shot, the outfit was skintight and somehow still left little to the imagination. Jojo posed with her back to the camera while standing on stairs, as she rocked clear heels. The jumpsuit was blue with black vertical stripes. The photo incited some enthusiastic responses from her fans.

"So incredibly beautiful sweetheart my gorgeous love jojo," declared an Instagram user.

"I'll follow you anywhere, @jojo_babie," said another.