'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Hannah Godwin Dons Thong Swimsuit

Hannah Godwin, who is slated to appear on this summer's Bachelor in Paradise, shared a new swimsuit picture earlier today from Cuixmala. In the photo, Hannah sat with her back facing the camera at a diagonal, as she wore a white thong swimsuit. The one-piece had a low cut on her back, along with what looks like tiny gold dots throughout. She sat up with her hands placed slightly behind her and her knees bent in front of her. Godwin was spotted with her eyes closed as she smiled slightly, and sported a bright pink flower in her left ear. She pulled her hair in a low bun for the shot, and accessorized with hoop earrings.

The backdrop was scenic and also very symmetrical, consisting of a pool with a checkered floor and a mustard yellow building. The stairs zigzagged on either side of multiple stories of doors. Fans have liked the photo over 81,000 times so far.

Prior to this, Hannah's last swimsuit pic was from three days ago. She geotagged it in Careyes, as she lounged at the edge of an infinity pool. Godwin sported a metallic gold bikini. The top was an off-the-shoulder bikini, while the bottoms were hard to see thanks to her being submerged in the water. She pulled her hair back in a low hairstyle with a side part, and wore hoop earrings and a couple of thin necklaces.

It seems like Hannah is on a roll with these scenic photos, as on the same day, she shared another Instagram update in front of a brightly patterned backdrop. Godwin sat on the edge of a yellow feature wearing a leopard-print coverup. Behind her, there was a large mosaic made up of light blue designs.

While fans will need to wait and see what happens with Godwin this summer during Bachelor in Paradise, they were likely heartbroken alongside the star during Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor. She opened up about the experience to Vulture.

"The one thing I struggled with, in addition to a lot of 'what-ifs' and unanswered questions, was when [Colton] kept giving me opportunities of hope within the breakup," she revealed. "That was confusing for me. At the end of the day, what is my dream breakup? I don't have a dream breakup! I don't think there's a perfect way to handle it.

"He was respectful about it, I guess, but still, who wants to be broken up with like that? It was hard for me to have so many unanswered questions, because I knew I wouldn't be able to see him face-to-face again for months," she admitted.

Hopefully, she finds new love on BiP, but for now, it looks like she's soaking up the rays.