Sahara Ray Gets On Her Knees In Tiny White Bikini

Sahara Ray is soaking up the sun in France, and shared a new series of bikini pics by the pool. The post consisted of three photos, all of which allowed the model to flaunt her curvy looks. The first photo of the series showed Sahara sitting with her back to the camera in a thong bikini, as she placed her hands on the right side of her body. She looked back at the camera over her right shoulder, and gave a sultry look. Her hair was wet and slicked back, with the pool and green foliage visible in the backdrop.

On the other hand, the second photo of the set showed Ray from the front, as she posed on her knees with her hands to either side of her. She looked straight at the camera for the shot. Meanwhile, she jumped into the pool for the third and final photo. Sahara held herself up with her hands, as she was only partially submerged in the water. The photos have been liked over 20,000 times by her fans.

She was the subject of another bikini selfie from a week ago, which was also geotagged in France. She sported a navy blue bikini for the video, which had colorful foliage designs. She also wore a brimmed hat, while she wore her hair down in loose waves. The model gave several poses for the camera, leaning forward at one point to flaunt her cleavage. The video seemed to be a hit among her fans, as it was viewed over 202,000 times.

Previously, Ray spoke with Galore Magazine about her personal life, along with her career thus far. This is what she said when she was asked about her hobbies.

"Taking film photos and spending as much time as possible in nature. I feel like being alone in nature is the only time I can relax and really process my thoughts and feelings," she noted. "These are incredibly important to me as they're some of the only things that can get my head out of work.

"Also keeping heathy is a priority. A big passion of mine is heath food. I am pretty much vegan..besides whip cream and mayonnaise…oh and cheese hehe I do like cheese but try not to eat it," admitted Sahara.

She went on to add that her job is around-the-clock. This may come as a surprise to some of her fans, but it's not uncommon for social media influencers to put in a lot of work to manage their fan base.