WWE News: Former Superstar Tries To Beat R-Truth For 24/7 Championship At San Diego Comic-Con

Since its launch in May, WWE's 24/7 Championship has been a sleeper hit of sorts for the company, thanks largely in part to current champion R-Truth and his nine reigns with the newly created title. As this is a title that can be defended anywhere and at any time, provided there is a referee available to make the three-count, this has resulted in the belt getting contested in all sorts of places, including a golf course, an airplane, a chapel, and a hotel room. The championship's "24/7" rules also allow anyone to compete for the title — including backstage employees such as WWE producer Shane "Hurricane" Helms.

As shown in this video from IGN's YouTube channel, Truth was at the San Diego Comic-Con on Friday, where he spoke to the gaming publication about the peculiar circumstances behind his many defenses of the 24/7 Championship. Not long after IGN showed a clip of the 47-year-old wrestler evading his potential challengers at Comic-Con by wearing a penguin suit, Helms — dressed in the superhero costume he wore as part of his Hurricane gimmick — interrupted the interview and seemingly made a challenge for Truth's title.

With WWE referee John Cone showing up a few seconds after the two men traded barbs with each other, Helms attempted to roll up R-Truth, only for the reigning 24/7 Champion to kick out before the count of three. This was followed by an appearance from former 24/7 titleholder Drake Maverick, who was wearing a banana costume as he made an unsuccessful attempt to win the belt back from Truth. The diminutive British wrestler then complained to IGN's hosts about how Truth "ruined" his life, his wedding, and his honeymoon during their feud for the championship.

Although Shane Helms remains officially active as a professional wrestler and had most recently competed in an actual WWE match at the 2018 Royal Rumble's titular main event, the 45-year-old ring veteran was placed in a backstage role when he officially returned to the company in January, as noted by Wrestling Inc. He is possibly best known to WWE fans for his stint during the company's "Ruthless Aggression" era of the early-to-late-2000s, where he mostly worked a comedic mid-card role as The Hurricane.

Per WrestlingNews.co, Helms is one of several former WWE superstars who will be appearing on next week's "Raw Reunion" episode of Monday Night Raw. While it's unclear how he will be involved in the episode, the outlet speculated that he might take advantage of this upcoming on-air appearance and take another shot at R-Truth and the 24/7 Championship.